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  1. It's awful what the NHL is doing period.
  2. There was some idiot that kept reporting all the games on youtube. It wasn't the NHL at all just someone who was butthurt about something and he kept reporting all the nhl games. It got to the point that most of the good youtube streamers wouldn't post the links on reddit anymore and you had to pm them to get it. That still didn't help a lot because the guy doing the reporting would still get the links eventually.
  3. RIP Gordie.
  4. Just like their pizza this name is blah.
  5. I just saw this and came here to see if anyone posted it yet. This is so terrible that it is funny.
  6. GDT

    Can we score more than 0 goals...
  7. The Detroit Red Wings will travel the fewest miles of any team for the upcoming 2015-16 season. Less travel is always good but how hard is travel really on teams now? They get to fly in a private plane that has a lot of perks for them. It is not like the general public flying.
  8. Signed

    And on the training staff for the Griffins is Brad "Dogg" Thompson.
  9. And there is a temporary name change in place for Rockford Michigan (which is just north of GR along US 131). Griffinville.
  10. Things are starting to look pretty grim. I am hoping for a win but we really need EVERYONE to step up tonight. If they come out flat it is over.
  11. I hope the Wings can win it and move on. But I think they gave Tampa too much wiggle room. I want to see that #4 light up on the top of the site. Go Wings!
  12. Wings 6 - Lightning 1 Abby gets a Hatty. Go Wings!
  13. GDT

    I saw this posted on another website today. Not sure how old it is. Someone at the game tonight want to try it?
  14. I like Howard as a goalie but I have been watching him since he first joined the Griffins years ago when i was a season ticket holder and his biggest fault has always been that he cannot stop a breakaway or a shootout goal. Those hoping he will work on it and get better, sorry but he has had years to work on it already. We have one of the best goaltending coaches there is and that hasn't helped much either. Granted I also think we need to score more goals in the game itself so we don't go to the shootout and if we do then score more than zero or one goals in the shootout. Ultimately I would like the league to get rid of the skills competition for deciding games anyways. Does anyone even know what the rules are about changing to a goalie that did not play in the main game? I am sure that it is allowed if there is an injury or something but not sure if they can otherwise. It sure would be a way for Babcock to send a message to Jimmy that he needs to improve in that fashion.
  15. I had to look up the song to understand the meaning as I had never heard it before. Makes sense now. I also came across this pic on the wiki page for Pat.