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  1. GDT

    Jurco doesn't fit well in the bottom six but he's my quite ready for top six duties yet. I wish we had miller to play with helm and glen at least for this year and maybe next
  2. GDT

    Saw that goal in person. Dude really knows how to make people hate him. Dubinsky must've taken exception to the way too extreme celly for a center ice goal. Words exchanged and PK took a shot at him and got called. The whining was him arguing the penalty. From that point on, every time he touched the puck all 40% of the stadium booed him (yes, there were more empty seats than full ones in Columbus). It's gotta be fun to be so hate-inducing
  3. I think he was referring to his brother Andrei. Future top 10 pick but not draft eligible for a few years
  4. WE'RE THE BEST TEAM EVER! I mean it's not that much different than thy typical WE'RE THE WORST TEAM EVER! posts we see after each loss... Maybe we should chalk up the early ups and downs to the fact that this is a young team with a new coach early in the season
  5. gdt

    I wouldn't mess with the top 9. He goes on the 4th with glen and Miller
  6. I read an interesting article about 3 on 3 that said it really isn't about speed like everyone thinks. 3 on 3 leads to breakaways regardless of speed. Guys like helm get on breakaways all the time anyway and convert at a really low rate. The guys you really want out there are the ones who are really creative with the puck but don't necessarily get on breakaways very often, aka datsyuk and zetterberg
  7. GDT

    Hank's beard is actually 9 months older than Hank himself. The beard has been around since the moment of his conception
  8. My bet would be Larkin or dekeyser and I agree with you that whichever doesn't become captain gets the A along with abdelkader
  9. Lucic and Marchand are easily my least favorite players in the league. I hope they take turns taking runs at each other, racking up 41 game suspensions back to back to back
  10. 1. Edmonton is a playoff bubble team 2. Boston is a lottery team 3. Tarasenko wins the Art Ross and Hart trophy
  11. Actually he was arrested in Las Vegas but I agree with your overall argument
  12. I don't mind either of those jerseys
  13. Columbus and Minnesota have ugly jerseys? Have you seen Dallas or Phoenix or Anaheim or Florida? Have you seen pittsburghs logo?