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  1. joesuffP

    And we are off and running for Preseason

    Chiarot or Holl will be scratched in game 1
  2. joesuffP

    And we are off and running for Preseason

    Make room for Edvinsson and Soderblom! Danielson will make the team next year!
  3. joesuffP

    Mo/Ray/Ras Contract Watch

    Teams are missing the plot with some of these long term deals. Is getting bad value for 4 years really worth saving 2M for the last 4 considering this is best case scenario and worst case is crippling your team for 8 years
  4. joesuffP

    The Yzerplan to Date

    I’ll always have blind faith that Yzerman is smarter than me when building a team. Theirs no other person I would rather have as GM
  5. joesuffP

    Rumors Thread

    Plus all these short mid tier deals are ripe for a trade package for the next disgruntled star. This is what the NBA does and why these average roster players with middle tier salary are actually worth a lot when trading in a cap crunched league
  6. joesuffP

    Rumors Thread

    Theirs no predicting these lines. Lalonde has so many options to show some nice coaching chops. If you suck you sit because theirs a full lineup of legit NHLers now
  7. joesuffP

    Hot Takes for the 2023/24 Season

    Wings come out flying to start the season and are the talk of the league but end up in a 3-way wildcard battle down the stretch with Boston and Tampa
  8. joesuffP

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Take their playoff spot and their pick
  9. joesuffP

    SY or Mo: Who Changed Everything?

    I know Seider will be great because I already take home for granted on this team. I am more focused on guys like Edvinsson and Raymond taking a leap because Mo is just going to do his thing night in and night out
  10. joesuffP


    So this is a bigger trade than Brad Stuart in 07/08 right? Making this the biggest Red Wings trade since Hasek? Shanahan?
  11. joesuffP


    Larkin + Raymond for Stutzle + Debrincat
  12. joesuffP

    Nate Danielson

    His game will take him to the NHL quicker than most centres in this draft
  13. joesuffP

    2023 Hot Mom Watch - Draft Day GDT

    Our prospect pool is so loaded
  14. joesuffP

    2023 Hot Mom Watch - Draft Day GDT

    We’ll never have to draft a centre again
  15. joesuffP

    2023 Hot Mom Watch - Draft Day GDT

    Theirs no rush man. We sign him for nothing next offseason as a true 40 goal guy or as a 20-30 guy