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  1. Theirs ppl that are going to ***** and moan about every pick. Very vocal when theirs doubt... unexistent when he becomes a player to be excited about. Mantha 2.0 imagine thinking some internet dweller knows more about a prospect that an NHL franchise
  2. And it's not like Howard had a sore groin and missed time. Jensen barreled into him very awkwardly any goalie would have been hurt in that situation
  3. Tippett the kind of coach that can work with the GM and have a hand in creating a roster. Would be a good move imo. Build the culture!
  4. It was likely a mixture of all things. Rewarding Howard, sending Mrazek a message, and knowing that Vegas wouldn't likely claim Mrazek
  5. It was likely a mixture of all things. Rewarding Howard, sending Mrazek a message, and knowing that Vegas wouldn't likely claim Mrazek
  6. McDavid had quite the blonde with him
  7. This is pretty much worst case scenario. No cap relief, pissed off goalie and another goalie the team made a commitment to
  8. Mrazek's comments, leaving practice early, and every writer covering him has mentioned his attitude problems. That's enough for me. Add that to him not playing well for a year and a half, being overpaid, and getting benched at the Worlds, I guess I don't have much faith in him. If he stays and performs well than I'll be happy, I don't hold grudges on players but I'm not counting on it
  9. Exposing a player that the organization doesn't like is not the same as losing your touch as a GM. Management doesn't like Mrazek and doesn't see a future here for him and they respect Howard as an inspiring leader for the younger players and the culture going forward. That's the decision made. You have to at least wait to see if he's claimed or how his career plays out or you've gotten yourself all bent out of shape for nothing. This could end up looking like Holland letting Bruner walk and how he was such an idiot for that. I highly doubt he's claimed first of all, secondly if he's claimed 4M of salary lost and we keep Sheahan or Ouellette. I'm personally okay with letting a struggling goalie with attitude leave and just moving on. He's created a lot of problems and hasn't played well for a year and a half. If Vegas flips him for a pick or something oh well
  10. Everywhere else is saying Red Wings are front runner and Philly isn't even in the running
  11. I feel like Darren Dreger legitimately doesn't like the Red Wings
  12. Vegas has said they would be stocking up on defensemen mostly
  13. People complain about the lack of elite talent in the pipeline but this draft is the first real year for the Wings rebuild. It's gonna look better and better as fans going forward. We've pretty much hit rock bottom and with Holland being in a cap crunch theirs not much he can do except rebuild. If Wings can finish bottom 5 for the next two years we'll be in good shape and look back at these years as the dark times
  14. I think based solely on performance Mrazek deserved another shot this year. I think a trade was requested added with the attitude problems and management is just sick of him
  15. Mrazek's attitude problems must be pretty severe if Holland is okay with losing him for nothing and sending a clear message of what management thinks of him. I think of it as Holland basically trying to keep Sheahan over Mrazek but who knows who Vegas takes. Personally I could care less who Vegas takes as long as there's a bit of cap relief. Major focus should be drafting and clearing up some bad contracts