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  1. 1 assist in 24 games. Let's be honest, Dylan has not been great. He's getting good looks at center but he's not there yet. His whole game is based off his speed and not much else. Nielsen and Z are far and away the top two centermen. This change makes the two lines better
  2. I would put Nielsen between Vanek and Nyquist and Put Larkin back to Z's wing in place of Tatar who can go to Siberia
  3. Played about 6 quality minutes in this one. The PP saps their confidence. Not only do they not score it disrupts their whole flow. Wings looked good until their disgusting PP made them feel stupid
  4. For someone missing as much time as he has it was a pretty impressive night for Jurco. The fourth line had one of its strongest games of the year imo
  5. Mantha with his first GWG?
  6. Wings played decent until the third period. Blashill sends the defensive studs over the boards to protect the lead and they take penalties and give up the best scoring chances of the game. Fortunate to get a win in regulation thanks to Mrazek and some luck
  7. Every good team loves analytics and every bad team hates them guys. When have the wings ever said they were against analytics? The only team that put everything behind analytics in the league is Arizona the rest are reasonable humans making decisions based off many things
  8. Deserved better but it's good to see the wings play with some structure lately Tatar continues to be a train wreck
  9. I'm at the point where I didn't even care if they got the W because they played so well. Mrazek is just not getting any breaks. We win this game 4-1 if Jimmy stayed in net
  10. For whatever reason I don't think it's a coincidence that with all the line juggling the one constant is whichever line Tatar and Sheahan are on is complete trash. Both have yet to play a good game this season Also super dissappointed in Dekeseyer. Green is far and away our best defensmen Was nice to see Larkin have a nice game. Don't think he registered a point but he seemed to be energized after that Nyquist goal. He needs to stay with Vanek. One thing this team lacks is hockey IQ or just offensive instincts
  11. I just hope Jurco comes back and takes an established guy out of the lineup like Tatar or Sheahan to shake things up
  12. I have identified the team cancers that are really holding the wings back: Tatar, Sheahan, Dekeseyer How does Dekeseyer lead the team in minutes night after night when he has been a train wreck? No accountability for certain players. Green is carrying him or else he'd play the entire game in his own zone
  13. I don't think theirs any strategy Blashill can come up with that will make this team good. Might as well let Larkin play centre at this point
  14. Hammond on waivers
  15. I would just sit tight on trades if Mantha/AA and co are the only way to make it happen. Getting Fowler isn't going to make us a good team and the more experienced these prospects get the more they'll fetch in a trade. If Nyquist and Tatar weren't discovered as frauds the trade for a new dman would be a no brainer. Sit tight and wait for a good draft pic maybe make a deal at the deadline but don't trade our hyped young guys