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  1. The Defense has zero offensive zone game. Pass the puck D to D and then throw it in the corner. Forwards have better point shots
  2. Thanks for the info idk why but I have invested interest in Saarijarvi particularity
  3. What's up with Saarijarvi ?
  4. Tatar is a fine player and will demand a nice contract to stay in Detroit. He's already expressed how he wanted to leave and he'll fetch a good return next deadline. Hopefully Holland doesn't do something silly
  5. I think it came down to his back issues but I'm happy we gave him every opportunity here in Detroit, got a 3rd for him and it wasn't a system/coaching issue
  6. Mantha has never played well without Zetterberg carrying him and now Tatar and Nyquist look better with Z so Mantha is SOL. It's no excuse for somebody with his potential to be a non factor unless he's playing with the best player who scores with whomever on his line. I'm all for the tough love. Sure it isn't fair in terms of other players not getting demoted but I expect a hell of a lot more from Mantha. He's essentially play 15 great games all season and just hung around on z's wing the rest
  7. Larkin has looked a lot better as of late. Still forcing plays but actually making things happen on the forecheck
  8. How are the Avalanche that far behind for last place it's ridiculous.? Anyways finishing 2nd last and firing Blashill is best case scenario for this team at this point
  9. Wings come out for a game motivated like 1 of every 7 games this season and this is one of them
  10. I consider a power forward a big strong guy that takes pucks to the net. So guys like Rick Nash, Simmons, Malkin... all fall in that category to me just by my definition. Punching people is whatever to me Concerning Larkin.. I think Blashill is focused on teaching young players with potential but he's just terrible at it. I don't think he's just dumb. He sees guys with a good future like AA and Larkin but his methods are off
  11. The worst part about suffering through the defense being crap is that they all have zero potential to be good one day. Their just bodies on the ice that are terrible and have no future in the NHL
  12. Blashill is a crap coach clearly but the wings are rebuilding what do you expect from the team? They are meant to be bad. Drafting and developing is all that matters at this point
  13. Lmao it doesn't get much worse than that Is Larkin a good hockey player? Hasn't played well in a year and half now. Nyquist 2.0
  14. That would certainly speed things up. Adding a guy like Trouba who will be a #1 but probably not Norris caliber will give us a Capitals like blue line in 5 years with Trouba being the only guy making huge money. Saarijarvi, Hronek, Ouellette, Hicketts and Russo all could be on the roster in 5 years
  15. In the next 5 years the defense should be nice and balanced we just need to draft a #1 in the next 3 years. No pressure Kenny