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  1. Don't understand why everyone gasses Rinne so much he let in some awful goals against Anaheim and lost them games single handedly off great team performances. Now he makes 6 saves in an entire game. Huge wasted opportunity Those kinds of offsides are so arbitrary too. There's no kind of advantage gained by picking up your skate by a fraction of an inch a millisecond before the puck fully crosses the blueline Also how is that replay footage conclusive enough to call a goal back? That's just a bad call
  2. I think it's Lidstrom for any kind of criteria
  3. Girardi for cheap short deal don't think he gets bought out. We really don't need any wingers please
  4. This board bothers me with their approach like theirs no point in getting a defensmen unless he's a superstar #1... this team will have one top 4 defensmen in two years just because he may not be a #1 doesn't mean avoid him at all costs we need a couple offensive d men
  5. Give the Stars DD and a 2nd for 3rd overall. Might as well build the D from the ground up at this point
  6. idk Bouwmeester is a good dman I don't think the Blues regret that trade Wings need a #1 but they also need a good top four or two when Green leaves. The D is wide open right now with Green and Kronwall being gone in 1-2 years. If Wings have a chance at any decent puck moving top four they have to be interested. The all or nothing trade approach at this point makes no sense because we just don't have the assets to make it worth it. Improving the D is going to take a number of moves also I may be in the minority but I think it's possible to win a cup without having a superstar #1 defensemen. Having a lot of good depth dman is an approach I would be okay with Holland taking
  7. Who? McDavid rarely kills penalties
  8. Drasaitl is a bonafide star player too
  9. Imo if you're a top six player and get a lot of ice time you should be somewhat effective defensively in today's NHL. These players all have the tools and know how to be great defensively it's just a commitment issue. Having said that, a lot of great offensive players in the league will surprise you how good they are defensively if you watch them every night. Ovi isn't that bad defensively actually
  10. Ya Karlsson is a better skater and stickhandler but Lidstrom could put up close to Karlsson numbers while being the best defensive shut down guy in the league Ya the CBC announcer mentioned Karlsson lead the league in blocked shots I couldn't believe it. His defensive game has come a very long way but as a 1 on 1 defender he's pretty average
  11. Karlsson is the 2nd best Swedish defensmen OAT already. If he can take his game to another level still then idk man could come close. At this point Lidstrom is another level better just as an all around elite defensemen. Add that to his huge list of accolades and Karlsson has a looooong way to go but he's only 26
  12. It's not surprising. It actually says a lot about the character of the Wings organization that they were on his shortlist. Usually these guys meet with the top organizations in the league but somehow the Wings are always on their short list
  13. THis penguins team reminds of the 08 wings... lethal top six but underrated PKers and warriors giving there heart out there. Wings wouldn't have made it past Nashville in the first round in 08 if it wasn't for the role players and franzen... franzen pretty much carried the team until the conference finals... hard to lose a series when a guy scores two hat tricks in three games
  14. Man US losing to Germany is unacceptable. Blashill might very well be a terrible coach. Definitely not a good sign he loses with a far superior team
  15. They got a lot of help against Calgary as well on that comeback of theirs in a crucial game 5 I believe. Overruled high sticked goal that was a huge reach to determine it was conclusive enough to over turn the original call. Makes no sense to call these plays goals with the consistency of disallowed plays in the season. Then theirs these random goals that stand for no real reason. Situational officiating. When it's a big goal in a pivotal moment they go as far as they can to let it stand