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  1. 3 words: sell sell selll
  2. Of course and that's the right thing to do I'm just saying if it's getting close to 1.3, 3 pm better come down before not getting anything back.
  3. Well guys there is still some time left. The asking price of first round pick us and was unrealistic. Last time Vanek brought a second and a prospect back.. so the wings better come down with their asking price if they want to get at least something for him. Want a first? Sell Green! Smith, Vanek should return 2 second round picks, Green a first and then one of Tatar/Goose another first rounder... Ask Nielsen about a trade in the summer but good luck with that. TLDR; to early for panic
  4. What was Lombardi thinking? Quick will be back soon. Sure he might need a few games here and there but where is the need for Bishop? He will basically reduced to a backup role once Quick is healthy again and has his game back. Maybe LA knows something about Quick that doesn't make them comfortable going with Budaj. Awesome job by Yzerman, clears capspace and gets something for a guy who would be gone anyways.
  5. Jarnkrok was traded alongside a second round pick for 3 months of Legwand service that's a whole different discussion than a guy who couldn't crack the worst lineup in the eastern conference.
  6. I don't know what it is with you and the Bluejackets. But you are aware that the players had to have a players only meeting in order to tell Tortarella to tone it down a notch after they've went through a bit of a slump? I give them a lot of credit but I also see their problems compared to the real contenders. Columbus lacks a number 1 center and defensive depth besides an upcoming stud in Werenski, their goaltending is great (Bobrowski has won a Vezina so of course) but their GM has made a lot of bad trades and their coach is ticking timebomb on the ice. My bad I wanted to say blaming the CBA, parity and all other stuff doesn't work in the new NHL, the rules are what they are teams have to find a way around them and build the rtight way. Last year and before the Leafs were bad by design in order to get some stud picks (Marner altough I think he is overhyped, Matthews) at the same time they've created one heck of a front-office with Mark Hunter, Lou Lamoriello, Mike Babcock, Kyle Dubas (Marlies GM) and of course Shanahan. When was the last time the Wings brought in someone from the outside for a non biased look at things? Detroit didn't even bother to interview other guys when Babcock left. Develop the kids? So since Goose, Tatar and company didn't turn out as good as some had hoped now it's time to hope that the next wave might turn out better than expected? That's exactly what I mean this is not a longterm plan, it's like hoping to win the lottery so I can finally buy myself a Bentley that's not how it works! Of course the Wings absolutely nail the pick in the upcoming draft because this guy needs to be the best prospect the Wings have. Pull of a trade for a 1 defenseman? How do you that? Those guys aren't available and if they are it's usually a stud for stud trade...something (again) the Wings don't have. Hire a new coach? Honestly Julien, Hitchcock and Gallant were/are available and what has this front-office done? Nothing so far and nobody knows how much longer they are going to be available but it's telling. You are seriously comparing some of the Leafs veterans to the Wings? JVR, Kadri, Bozak aren't that old yet and I'm willing to bet the Leafs would trade them for the right return. I could easily see one of those three ending up in LV. Vanek, Green, Smith, Nielsen (good luck getting him to waive his ntc) are all guys that need to be traded because they won't be useful once the Wings are competitive again. I would have included Z and Kronwall but everyone knows there is no way they are getting traded...both will end up on LTIR and finish their career with the Wings. I get it trust me, accepting the reality is hard and it sucks but I have yet to see at least ONE player where I say yes this guy will hang with the best of them and be able to put the Wings on their back i.e. an upcoming elite stud. Oh and Rielly is a great example the guy is still incredible young but has played since being drafted and now is considered a veteran because he didn't need years of overriping with the Marlies. I could see him becoming the next captain of Toronto and for sure being part of their core which sounds like it's Matthews, Marner, Nylander and Rielly really not a bad core to build around but the Leafs needed some down years to get to that point, every team does! I'd rather see the Wings doing it right despite however long it will take and build a team that can be entertaining and competitive for the next decade. Quick turnarounds, patchwork signings and thinking it's still 2008 has brought the Wings to the point on where they are today. Which is funny because it was proven before that this type of building a team doesn't work especially by the Leafs. This is nothing against Smith I really like him as a player but I also know that the guy is 28 years old, looking for his deserved payday and will be too old once the Wings are going to be contenders again. So given all that from a pure longterm standpoint keeping him doesn't make sense. If a team offers a second or a solid prospect he should be gone without thinking twice about it. Anyway, this trade deadline will be very telling on which direction the Wings will take and hopefully it continues through the summer.
  7. What has Columbus done since their run? This line of thinking is exactly why the Wings are where they are. Parity, CBA and finding diamonds in the later rounds isn't going to work in the new NHL. A team needs a longterm plan and right now the Wings don't have one, period. I really hope the front-office isn't stupid enough to believe that things will magically change next season. Kronwall and Z are going to be a year older the young guns why good aren't elite and not ready to carry the team. The Wings are close to becoming the Maple Leafs of the mid to late 2000's. A team full of over the hill veterans, with kids not being ready and patchwork signings and everyone saw how that turned out. Now they've decided to burn it down and build it back up and so far they are on the right track - except defense - and as of now they are better than the team with the highest payroll in the NHL, that's not an opinion it's a fact aönd the reality of the new NHL. Smith is 28 years old and could fetch a nice return by the time the Wings are able to compete again he will be way past his prime.
  8. Good god four pages for a aguy who couldn't crack the worst team in the eastern conference unreal.
  9. If Kevin is already set on his destination there is no way any sane GM would give up a first and a prospect for 3 months of him. Some of those asking prices are just ridiculous a lot of sellers will have to come down with their prices if they really want to sell.
  10. 3 round pick for a press box guy nice deal. Next up Vanek, Green, Goose/Tatar and Smith
  11. Can't believe some people are surprised that Shattenkirk's camp nixed the deal this is his chance to cash in big and finally decide where he wants to play. Players of his caliber aren't going to give up this chance easily. I mean, there are chances he would have landed somewhere where he doesn't want to play and then have to play there for the next 7 years. TSN and SN are for sure trying to hype this thing up but like last year not a lot is going to happen. Duchene, Landeskog is more material for the off season and Hopefully Holland is working the phones hard and sells Vanek, Green and other veterans before opponents decide to sell some biggere names.
  12. Fantastic player, role model for the game and he does sooo much more than just being an elite player..He is the Hawks' version of Yzerman. Kane may be the Flashy guy but the leadership and work ethic starts with Toews, Keith and Hossa
  13. Yeah I don't know why people are getting worked up about this guy
  14. Can't remember it but I believe it was Setouguchi from San Jose to the Devil's? If the goal is to keep him oh well I'd be out of words then this team is already on the books for too many veterans till 2020plus
  15. Glad Smith is finding his game but like most veterans on the team he isn't part of the long rebuild. So if Holland and his agent can work out a sign and trade deal with other teams that would be fantastic.