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  1. While I will agree that we are in desperate need of some right handed shots, I will not go so far as to say that it is the main reason that the wings have vastly under performed thus far this season. To place the blame on Kenny Holland is a bit of an overreaction as well. Sure, he hasn't brought the right handed shots we need to this team yet, but it's not always as simple as choosing the player you wish to have and plucking them away from another team. There are a number of variables that come into play here that go way beyond what us here at LGW are capable of comprehending. Do I feel that having those extra right handed shots would help? Sure but, there are also a number of other things that could help us such as proper line combos, having injured players return, and just plain overall team laziness. And, those are just three examples off the top of my head.
  2. GDT

    is therre a "river" for the game?
  3. GDT

    are there any of them things for tonights game floating around?
  4. gdt

    Wow lookin slow and sloppy Sent from my C6530N using Tapatalk
  5. gdt

    wtf......did i just watch? Lol. Couldnt stop laughi g at feather mans moves
  6. bonus points if the player and crowd all chant WHOOOOO after each punch
  7. Most could make that same argument for franzen as well lol. Well, up until the first few games this year.
  8. My brother was perma banned 2 years ago because he told a mod he was "being a nazi", because he made a post about how refs were a holes and used it to vent his frustrations about something that happened in game that the mod didn't agree with. He contacted matt about this and said it was personal and matt simply said "I trust my mods, sorry".
  9. gdt

    Decent in the first, flat first half of second but ON FIRE for the remainder of the second.
  10. gdt

    and upon first look , i thought it was between the legs.
  11. Yeah, because he knows all too well about worrying about the safety of other players....smh
  12. Hahaha. I for one find it hilarious. It seems all in good fun.
  13. gdt

    hmm can't seem to find this reddit thread