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  1. Probably because somebody, can't exactly remember who it was, just gave him a huge contract extension. Hard to justify a 2 Million man playing for Grand Rapids just a few months after he got his contract.
  2. Man, what a boring boring game. Would drive me crazy to see them lose this one without beating the crap outta Dubinsky. Do something. Show some emotions. WTF is wrong with this team. I mean it's still a one shot game but nonetheless it's just blah...
  3. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    Markstrom is pretty good and has a very good defense in front of him. Wings should trade for one of them. Not a bad choice. Miller is playing very well though. Has been excellent this season. Don't know about his plans though.
  4. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    A defender has to be able to play defense. Not the greatest fan of so called defenders like Karlsson. Especially in our situation we need the young guys to be solid. Ouellet and Jensen have been a lot better than Sproul. Sproul has to improve or he's not gonna stick for very long. They should try to push Jensen a little and see how it goes. Has been playing few and easy minutes only.
  5. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    Nice goal! Btw: if you waive Mrazek in a 10 teams keeper league that's pretty telling He hasn't been good for a while now but is still a young goalie with a lot of upside. Not very smart to give up on him in a keeper league...
  6. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    16 Teams in my league. NHL Roster plus one extra bench and three IR+. I don't have a lot of options. If I don't start Mrazek tonight I have to start him in Columbus or in Minnesota...also not gonna be pretty I also have Vasilevskiy but he's not gonna help with games in Minnesota and Winnipeg remaining this week and Johnson, Palat and Killorn all injured That's why I wanted to start Mrazek tonight but Sproul is really bad. Got knocked down on his first shift and scored on in his second. Not really his mistake but everytime he's on the ice, he's in trouble.
  7. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    Wasn't Sproul -3 in like 7mins or so last game? He's well on pace now
  8. 2/9 GDT - Red Wings at Capitals - 7:00 PM EST

    Meh. I wanted to start Mrazek for my fantasy team tonight. Can't risk that with Sproul in. Scary to play him in Washington. What is Blashill thinking? Could be quite an ugly game.
  9. Somebody has to beat him up on Saturday. I don't care who. But it has to be done.
  10. Marchenko Waived

    I never called Jensen "bad". All I'm saying is that he's a career AHLer and he'd be still playing there hadn't it been for our terrible defense. He's no young prospect anymore and yet only played a handful of games in the NHL. Even if you, for some funny reason, thought that he's better than Marchenko, it would have been easier to just waive Jensen. No way he would have been claimed. They probably waived Marchenko to get cap relief. Time will tell but to me it's still a bad decision.
  11. Marchenko Waived

    DeKeyser is good but he can't do it all alone. Not his best season but still our best defender against the puck. Plays the harderst minutes now...probably just takes time to adjust. I'd rather have Ericsson with 0 points and 0 own goals. His points really don't help if he scores an own goal every other game.
  12. Marchenko Waived

    No, it isn't. But, sadly, still better than ours...
  13. Marchenko Waived

    Sorry, but this is hilarious. Play Ericsson like they play Jensen and he'll look like an all star. I can only repeat. Easiest competition, few minutes and only about 20% defensive zone starts. It doesn't get any easier. Shows you coaches don't trust him all that much. He has looked okay but that doesn't change his status of a career AHLer. If we only had a half decent defenseman on the roster, Jensen would be back in Grand Rapids. And make no mistake...there's no way somebody would claim him. Unlike Marchenko, he's no proven NHLer. He was playing okay and that's what kept him on the roster. Who else should they have played? There was only Sproul available. Everybody else was injured...
  14. Marchenko Waived

    Let's not act like Sproul would be a talent or something like that. Only one year younger than Marchenko but several years behind him in terms of development. Marchenko has been playing solid minutes for years now. Not gonna wow you offensively but if I watch our defense I couldn't care less. Sproul was terrible in just about every single shift he played at this level. Don't know why people are so obsessed...where does the obsession come from? Is that a Sheahan type of thing? Yet another talent about to break out...