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  1. Wings3:16

    Nathan MacKinnon

    Same! Haha
  2. Wings3:16

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Thanks for clearing that up! ^
  3. Wings3:16

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Just curious what the point of signing Jared McIsaac was...does that not burn a year or two of his entry contract when he wasn't playing with the Wings this year anyway?
  4. Wings3:16


  5. Wings3:16

    Rumors Thread

    Those Larkin comments make me like him that much more! Good kid!
  6. Wings3:16

    Andreas Athanasiou Officially Signed 2 yrs. $3M AAV

    Meh It's only 2 years. If he ends up sucking it up we can let him go. Little pricey but compared to the other monstrosity contracts it's not all that different. Hopefully he takes it as a vote of confidence from the Wings and earns his contract!
  7. Wings3:16

    Rumors Thread

    Edit; Wrong thread!
  8. Wings3:16

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Not jealous, just know a LOT of arrogant Leafs fans!
  9. Wings3:16

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Personally I would LOVE to see the JT deal blow back in their faces. Can you imagine if they just suck this year? That would be hilarious!
  10. Wings3:16

    Wings Get Filip Zadina! (HYPE! Thread)

    Well Zadina played in Canada, so maybe "Zed" haha
  11. Wings3:16

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    Kenny is saying the right things, hopefully he can follow through. I also want Bouchard! Got a bad feeling on Boqvist.
  12. Wings3:16

    2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Leafs can go another 50 years without a cup as far as I'm concerned! Thank you Boston (I think I threw up in my mouth a little saying that)
  13. Wings3:16

    Holland and Blashill expected to return

    Just watched Chris Illitch speak, seems like he's still living in 2009
  14. Those are his stats this season...he has 120 points in 137 playoff games
  15. Wings3:16

    3/18 GDT | Detroit Red Wings @ Colorado Avalanche | 3 PM ET

    Longest losing streak 14 games February 24, 1982 to March 25, 1982 Can we beat it?! Wouldn't it be crazy if Buffalo over takes us