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  1. The only person on our list worth taking is petr! And just cause Holland couldn't swing a trade for him doesn't mean McPhee can't. If our goalies are safe why take the chance and just let Howard be unprotected cause there's less of a chance he taken over petr.
  2. Zetterberg looks way better playing with Mantha!
  3. Nosek reminds me of Datsyuk, the way he skates and handles the puck.
  4. Mantha needs to stay full time!!!! He's the man!!
  5. Jimmy and his Golden groin will fit in nicely in Vegas!
  6. I really like Mantha's board play!
  7. Howard hurt I guess! Hopefully just a equipment repair.
  8. Let's the kids loose! Can't play any worse I don't think! Missing AA for sure! The old timers need less ice time either way! Anyone know when Jurco supposed to be ready?
  9. Non call on Helm doesn't help!
  10. Yay Mantha!
  11. Nice to see them win a couple in a row after a bad skid!
  12. Nielson helped a bit but c'mon!!!!!
  13. Larkin!!!!!!
  14. Gotta love the sweet sound of Journey at the Joe!!!!!!!!!