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  1. rwing

    Rick Nash retires -- concussions just too much

    Absolutely. I’d like to think the NHL can get ahead of this and be more honest and proactive than the NFL. Anyone here watched the documentary about the old 80s Bears players? Man...
  2. Wouldn’t it be great if they got the same driver next time they were in town? Now that’s a video I’d like to see.
  3. rwing

    Blashill Reads LGW

    Ok ok you guys got me. Meet me at LSA this Sunday at 8am to hear all your ideas. Pizza on the house.
  4. is there any way a team could find a new way to be innovative or at an advantage in scouting like the wings were back then? Or was it a one time thing. Other than China of course. Then again the wings are winning again so everything is ok!
  5. Makes tons of sense. All were drafted late due to outstanding scouting plus unique environment of untapped “markets” for new players. Any hope of revitalizing our scouting?
  6. Ahah! You are farther ahead in the five stages of Wings grief. I need to work on this. What is it? Denial, Anger,... Acceptance. I’m stuck on anger! Seriously this is an epiphany for me.
  7. I honestly don’t know if I do. I react mostly as a pissed off fan. The talk about super stars got to me. Was it any mystery that Lidstrom was going to retire some day? Was Datsyuks reluctance to stay on not known for a long time? Was Hanks playing through his back problems viewed as a minor set back? I see no evidence of any strategy to in any way address the obvious demise of our former superstars. Just excuses. The streak, the cap...
  8. You are right. I overlooked this. We should do all we can to keep Holland as his genius will rebuild this team from the ashes to rise again to glory.
  9. Because nothing says “out of the box” like Kenny Holland.
  10. rwing

    10/28 Welp GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 5:00 PM ET

    I can believe a hockey player being stupid enough to think he had more than 10% to do with his scoring on a line with Dats, but coaches and GMs...
  11. Well, he is definitely leading by example.
  12. rwing

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    But to do that we would need to motivate the coach whose job it is to motivate the players, but is whining to the press about the players not being motivated. It’s like an Escher painting.
  13. rwing

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    For those willing to still defend Blashill as being good for younger players or whatever, there comes a time when nothing matters except results. Maybe Blashill is a genius, so what. If he is there is some kind of serious mismatch. If he’s not, then We are seeing the results of his failure to coach. Whatever it is, the experiment has failed. Buck has to stop somewhere and with the majority of losing pro sports teams that means the coach has to go.
  14. rwing

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    Well, it’s not like the old days with 30 pages on every game, new threads daily... and of course this seasons start. If I was in Red Wings marketing I’d use volume in this site as an indicator of losing the fans. As to Blashill losing the team, can anyone defend him now? Blaming the roster and draft picks, asking who else is there... can only go so far. This performance has earned a firing. The risks of firing him are minimal.
  15. I’m ashamed for doubting Holland and Blashill. Everything is good now. We can win a game.