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  1. I am rwing, lwing reborn (see above - lwing trashed his account with an email and pwsd he can't recover). lwing was a troll of satan. He had to be vanquished to endless torture and an eternity of watching Sidney Crosby highlight reels. Again.. I can't keep up the schtick too much. Thanks for the note of hope. Really kind. I have to admit, nobody can dance with you. Certainly not lwing. You are the man. Brutal and sharp and I mean that as a compliment. Can you do stand up and take on hecklers? I always wanted to learn how to do that.
  2. I am rwing, lwing reborn (see above). No no, do not be upset! rwing will try to make new history without being a douchebag.
  3. lwing, true to his word, screwed up his account so he can never access it again, but has been reborn, by the lord, to be rwing! the exact opposite of what he was and to thank and bless all that replied. I am rwing, lwing reborn (see above). My son, you are blameless in all this. lwing was... (Okay, I can't keep up the schtick. Seriously, dude, I was a total a$$. I accept my total douchebagness). Thank you for the kind thoughts.