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  1. rwing

    2019 Draft

    What is wrong with me? I keep forgetting this is a place for keyboard warriors to earn imaginary points that in some sad way they can pretend make up for their lackluster existence. Enjoy yourself. I'm going back to the real world where everything I have done, have and will do exceeds you.
  2. rwing

    2019 Draft

    Oh you must be that Rhodes scholar I have heard about here. I will defer to your long list of accomplishments in life, but Holland didn’t do jack for our D for years. Whatever he did tonight is irrelevant. Or what are you arguing? Do you even know?
  3. rwing

    2019 Draft

    Unconventional if not bold move to address our most nagging problem, D. The kid sounds tough and aggressive with some skill. When have had that on our D line in recent years? This is exactly the kind of move Holland would never have made. I like the change of pace and approach. Go Stevie.
  4. rwing

    Favorite Ken Holland Catchphrase / Quote

    Write in. Whatever he says at his final press conference. PS this place is as barren as the new housing developments around LCA.
  5. rwing

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    Great news. Yzerman will be unencumbered and solely in charge as GM.
  6. rwing

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    I’d like to think Yzerman will have a big impact on all the players. From our tired old veterans to the kids and everyone in between. This guy is one of the greatest players of all time and he did everything he could to win, but did it in a very quiet way “leading by example.” He has the kind of “cred” no other GM or coach has in this organization. I’d like to think that knowing he is now your boss will shake up attitudes, competency and most importantly accountability. That may be the best thing about this move. In a nutshell he is a true leader.
  7. rwing

    Trash removal delayed 2 years

    I will attempt to be calm and rational, but I'm not sure that has ever worked for me before. Blashill may be great at developing the kids. That is certainly worth something and he may be above average in this. I would argue he is below average in managing veterans. Why? I have no idea, but perhaps his tough love benching and calling out the kids could be used on our consistency underperforming vets. Even the ones we gripe about the most could use an occasional kick in the a$$. Blashill is also below average in managing a game, lines, strategy... If only there were a way to have him just focus on development of younger kids, as some kind of assistant, and leave coaching to someone else, but we are way past that now. Meanwhile, as frustrated as I have been, I am actually happy to see so many of our younger guys playing so well now. Will that be remembered next fall or during contract negotiations this summer? I will pray to any and all Gods that it is.
  8. Sigh... I thought we let this go long ago, but since you insist. My worth is multiple 7 figures, and more than two. I earned most of it with my computer keyboard while your keyboarding skills have earned a legacy here on LGW. Bravo sir!
  9. Sometimes it’s a good exercise to flip things around. Imagine if Detroit traded a 1st round pick for Nyquist.
  10. rwing

    Rick Nash retires -- concussions just too much

    Absolutely. I’d like to think the NHL can get ahead of this and be more honest and proactive than the NFL. Anyone here watched the documentary about the old 80s Bears players? Man...
  11. Wouldn’t it be great if they got the same driver next time they were in town? Now that’s a video I’d like to see.
  12. is there any way a team could find a new way to be innovative or at an advantage in scouting like the wings were back then? Or was it a one time thing. Other than China of course. Then again the wings are winning again so everything is ok!
  13. Makes tons of sense. All were drafted late due to outstanding scouting plus unique environment of untapped “markets” for new players. Any hope of revitalizing our scouting?
  14. Ahah! You are farther ahead in the five stages of Wings grief. I need to work on this. What is it? Denial, Anger,... Acceptance. I’m stuck on anger! Seriously this is an epiphany for me.
  15. I honestly don’t know if I do. I react mostly as a pissed off fan. The talk about super stars got to me. Was it any mystery that Lidstrom was going to retire some day? Was Datsyuks reluctance to stay on not known for a long time? Was Hanks playing through his back problems viewed as a minor set back? I see no evidence of any strategy to in any way address the obvious demise of our former superstars. Just excuses. The streak, the cap...