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  1. Motor City Mullets

    Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Nope - gotta work.
  2. Motor City Mullets

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars

  3. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    The jury still seems to be out on him regarding his locker room attitude, but from what little I've seen the talent is there...Would a change of scenery benefit Zegras? Not sure if this move would benefit Yzerman, his old pal Verbeek, or both? That said I don't have any issue if he were acquired considering the 15th overall will likely be a handful of seasons before we see any chance of him being a regular in the NHL.
  4. Motor City Mullets

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars

  5. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    Watching FLA/NYR game last night...While not having the overall skill that the NYR possess - FLA has enough, but more impressively is their willingness to play hard nosed borderline dirty hockey...It's like 'FLA Man' went into 'NYR Joe' apartment, ate his hero sandwich, screwed his girl, and wiped his azz on the curtains on his way back home to the Everglades. Those are the types I want on my team.
  6. Motor City Mullets

    2024-2025 Regular Season

    Indeed...There's a reason why Yzerman signed a bunch of UFAs these past few summers.
  7. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    Exactly... These 2 could wind up 3rd line drones...I recall having a hearty chuckle when Wings fans got all excited over Veleno bulking up over the summer a few years ago (some referring him as Joe Swolleno)...WTF did that ever do to help his game? He never was, nor will he be a physical beast on the ice...
  8. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    Yr 3 if we are lucky…Our prospects would have to mature hella fast and absorb a poop-ton of playoff hockey experience for the Red Wings to do anything - be it making the playoffs or getting past the 1st round. EDIT - regarding this years draft - looking back at what we have had in years past... Mantha - gone Bertuzzi - gone Hronek - gone Zadina - gone Cholowski - gone Svechnikov - gone These guys have been replaced with any combo of trades/UFA signings...Granted we're better, but at #15 in a rather ordinary draft - is Yzerman better off packaging this pick for a legit roster player from a rival? Taking into consideration where we are at and D-Boss - f***-yeah I say Grand Master Y needs to work some magic on his iPhone.
  9. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    Agreed. Yzerman is 'old school' - best player on the team will stay top $$$...I could see Yzerman signing them to 'short' term deals that keeps them a RFA when the contract expires (3 yr deal for Seider - 4 yr deal for Raymond - after that I could see them getting more)...8 year deals my also be on the table (for $$$ shy of what D-Boss is making) as well (taking a handful of seasons of their UFA years).
  10. Motor City Mullets

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks

    Well - I wouldn't go that far...
  11. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

    Larkin will be 28 come puck drop in October...He has many miles on the odometer already, plays hard 2-way hockey minutes, already missed a fair amount of time courtesy of injuries, and he's not getting any younger. I hate to be that guy, but I will...D-Boss has 3, or 4 more years of 'prime' hockey in him...Fom there he'll regress slowly, but he will finish his career a Red Wing (courtesy of the 8 yr deal). Will he hoist the Cup? Long shot at best if he stays with Detroit, look how many years and playoff games won/loss before Yzerman won it in '97 - Larkin doesn't have Yzerman's talent, the playoff experience, nor the teammates...Just bloody hard core facts is all.
  12. Motor City Mullets

    2024 Draft

  13. Motor City Mullets

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks

    Gonna be team 'Boomer' vs team 'Millennial'. I wanna see Benn cross check McDavid in the neck.