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  1. bIueadams

    Remaking the defence Viro and Sebrango to Toledo, so the D is basically this in GR: Edvinsson - Kampfer Lashoff - Johansson McIsaac - Newpower Glad to see Johansson make the cut, he's officially ahead of Sebrango on the depth chart now.
  2. bIueadams

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    For once he has an argument here, and I'm starting to believe I was wrong, and this is right.
  3. bIueadams


    This makes it seem like its less Hockey Canadas fault, and more like Canadian hockey players are just inherently bigoted. Yikes.
  4. bIueadams

    Am I Wrong here?

    >SY trying to trade 2uzzi out of DET >Refuses vax - untradeable >SY doesnt extend him over the summer >Trys to catch puck and breaks hand 2nd game into the season - kill trade value >Return and trade rumors start up again >illdoitagain.jpeg >Try to catch puck and break hand again - kill all trade value Detroit will never be able to rid themselves of 4D injury chess Tyler and will be forced to extend him. He's here for life.
  5. bIueadams

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    We got too cocky benbros
  6. bIueadams

    Mo's Minus Malfunction

    Seider plays the most minutes on the team. Is #1 on the PP and PK. Leads the team in blocked shots. Leads Dmen in hits. On pace for a 41 pt season. If this is him at his worst I think I'll be alright. Who we need to use a distraction for blame is this Ben Chiarot guy. Who is he? I never wanted him. What was SY thinking? He ruined our defense.
  7. Raymond 0-3 in the shootout - SUCKS
  8. Refs are favoring Detroit - that call on Girgensons was BS Ras demonstrates his concrete mits but draws the penalty. Ill take it. Buffalo color guy just said "holy jumpin" on that Anderson save - f*** the sabres
  9. OMG now Seider is inujured This team SUCKS Larkin is a 2C Raymond is a bust Seider is a bust Chiarot is KFQQ Bertuzzi is an injury machine Fabbri is an injury machine Coppp is Weiss Vrana is on dope Kubalik is a pump n dump 3rd liner Perron is 45 years old Ras is a pansy Veleno is bust Ned is worse than Mrazek Sundqvist is ugly Rebuild and start over
  10. I'm watching the Buffalo feed. Interesting tidbit: They're talking about Lalonde and said "Yzerman hardly interviewed anyone and waited for Tampa to release Lalonde". Not sure if that's a poor coach search, or I trust SY that much.
  11. Ned sucks Anyway, one guy I'd like to add this offseason is Buffalo's #28 Zemgus Girgensons. Doesn't score much (he's also been stuck with the Sabres his whole career) but he plays solid D, can slot in as C or W, and could be had for cheap. Need to start rounding out this roster with some PK bottom 6ers like this so they can take PK responsibilities off the shoulders of our top6 guys like Larkin and Bertuzzi. Seider flopping - Mo really needs to get his s*** together
  12. Who scored for the Wings? just tuning in
  13. Attention all: Hide bo threads. Ignore bo posts. Do not reply to bo posters. Thank you.