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  1. Hey, how's it going?
  2. My top two are Tippett and Glass.
  3. Filip Sandberg has signed somewhere on Earth.
  4. A grumpy hobbit? Eh.
  5. Oh ok, thanks.
  6. As it stands where?
  7. I like him a lot, but I think he's well past the #9 position and we'd have to trade down to get him. I don't know that he's worth whatever we'd have to trade down to get him. Being 6'5" is great but size alone doesn't always work out. I know the brass has been scouting Missassauga heavily but I've been hoping it's for Tippett, if we're lucky enough to land him.
  8. 1-0 Germany Poor back checking by Eichel.
  9. Molotov - Improv - Mazeltov
  10. He is old school and travels by Viking longship. He's probably got another 4-5 weeks at least until he is safe in port.
  11. F me this is stressful #9
  12. Per Khan, he was in Detroit "earlier in the week." Also, if you watch that video, he's #9 in blue, and he scores a pretty nice goal at the end of the video (though I don't know what #40 was doing).
  13. Good point!
  14. I don't know. I watched some of the TO v Washington series and they were barbaric.