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  1. You got skilless bums like Abdelkader and Helm controlling the puck on the boards on your PP. No wonder it's complete *******
  2. I'll trust the judgement of the fanbase that has watched him his entire career moreso than a bunch of Wings fans who likely have no idea who he is.
  3. Isles fans tell me he's a 50 point 2 way C who plays #1 pp and pk, while drawing the toughest defensive assignments. He's also one of the best at the shootout. Wish he was 2 years younger.
  4. signed

    Can't get over the 5 years for at best a 3rd line center.
  5. signed

    How depressing. Ken Holland doesn't get it.
  6. Depends which Bishop shows up. If they get NYI/CHI from last year Bishop, it's gonna be over real quick.
  7. Typical Washington
  8. I'd take him in a heartbeat. Fantastic player.
  9. The Blues are done.
  10. Panthers are getting screwed by the officialsin this game
  11. f*** the Blues
  12. Pathetic final 10 miutes by the Blues. Have fun losing in 7 you chokers
  13. St Louis' D looking like ours with all the turnovers
  14. Brian Elliot looking like Brian Elliot again
  15. Boy that was ugly Crawford Pang is the worst. That was a terrible goal, man