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Brad Ference?

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Much better now then when? You think this team is better? There were many guys who were available with size that also had some skill, Holland chose to chase and overpay his own UFA's instead of going after those guys. There may be some interesting names available at the waiver wire, we'll see what that brings us

they are a million times better than when I started really watching (about '79)

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  Well, we have Lidstrom and Schneider, 2 of the best offensive d-men in the NHL.


Leech, Niedermeyer, Tarnstrom, Gonchar, Berard, Pronger, Zidlicky, Zubov... Just to name a few. I would consider Schneider a 2 way defenseman, and Lidstrom's definately defense. Yeah, 2 of the best offensive defenseman, if you want to add 15 other defenseman to the table.

Schneider ranked 6th and 10th in defense scoring the past two years, scoring 50 and 46, and has averaged 45 points per 82-game season over his career and has been hitting that mark (.55 points per game) almost every year for over a decade...Lidstrom has been among the leaders almost every year of his career. Lidstrom has averaged around 60 points per 82-game season.

Brian Leetch has averaged in the 70s...but since 97 his average has been 57, compared to Schneider's post-97 average of 44. Leetch has also been the sole offensive defenseman on the Rangers, except for a two-year period in which both Leetch and Schneider played there--both players' numbers suffered greatly. Schneider got second-unit time in New York, while Leetch was with the first unit. In Toronto, Mats Sundin was the only productive forward; Mike Johnson was second in team scoring with 47 points. In Los Angeles, Schneider shared PP time with Lubomir Visnovsky and Jaroslav Modry, and often ended up on the second unit because of their chemistry.

Sergei Gonchar has averaged 52 points per 82 game season. Lidstrom's post-97 average is 61, Gonchar's is 55.

I fail to see how Schneider is somehow not a capable offensive defenseman at all, and Lidstrom is a 'defensive defenseman' yet Gonchar and Leetch are 'the best' offensively.

Since 1997 (82-game average):

Lidstrom 61pt

Leetch 57pt

Gonchar 55pt

Schneider 44pt

Since 1997 (average GP, 7-season average)

Lidstrom 81 GP, 60pt

Leetch 71 GP, 49 pt

Gonchar 72 GP, 48pt

Schneider 74 GP, 40pt

Not much difference between the last three..especially considering Leetch and Gonchar always got the bulk of PP time on their team. But "defensive defenseman" Lidstrom is FAR ahead...yet he is not the best offensively as well?

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Cool..can't wait till Holland ignores him and he gets picked up by another team as a 5th or 6th guy, then regret it when he realizes Lebda is as bad as we all thought he was.... sly.gif

seriously, just once do something smart and pick this guy up. We have room lebda is garbage make the sign.

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