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Calder no longer worst +/- in the league!

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its called emotions, humans usually tend to show them when they are dealing with something they care about, deal with it

yeah :) but the other side of the story is to sit down and think. Calder for Williams was great job from Holland, considering how subsequent GMs were raped of draft picks or prospects for big-name players. and this trade alone would make my trade deadline day.

and yeah, I'm emotional about my team, but my sight and understanding of NHL is not narrowed to two recent weeks, like many ppl here. Lang plays a month of crappy hockey, then comes out with two strong games and everybody is jumping his loveboat calling him the second comming of Jesus Christ. next he screws two passes and turns the puck over and everybody here is all over him and there's "Lang is lazy and he sucks".

I mean - be amotional, but also try seeing more than just those 2 weeks. Calder is not an NHL player since this year. he has shown good skills once in Hawks and there was every reason to believe he's gonna be good in Winged Wheel. but the 2 week perspective sight prevented ppl from acknowledging this trade and giving credit to Holland. yet, the same dumb attitude makes people see Calder with Hart or Rocket now that he scored a couple of points on a fresh start with good team. and again, this same narrow-mindness will make ppl ***** him once he turns some puck over or doesn't score a single point for some 2 games in a row. and so on...

this forum used to be full of knowledgable fans with some wider hockey perspective. I guess they're still here, yet the main tone is set by ppl like I described above... which is pity

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Guest paveldatsukthenextsavard

That is what playing with Robert Lang will do to you.

the other way around. calders energy and forechecking have brought opportunities for lang.

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