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12/29 GDT: Red Wings 7 at Stars 3

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Hey I got the Dallas feed tonight. I'll join you for the 1st, do a workout when the 1st intermission starts, and be back later on in the 2nd.

Good to see Hudler score again. When Datsyuk went down Jiri was the guy I thought had to step it up, so :thumbup: for Hudler!

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I have the Dallas FoxSport SW broadcast on my telly. One of four games I've been able to see on big screen, rather than tiny feed screen.

Wings had better win... I hate seeing them screw up in HD.

Dallas is in love with their goalies, imagine that? Poor Turco, they don't even remember him. I wish he was there right now. :P

I'm glad that you get to watch it in HD. We're watching the Dallas feed here too. I couldn't tell Hudler scored by listening. You could have heard a pin drop. :)

It was great!

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