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2/9 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 1

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If I may ask a pointed question, where the hell is everybody?

Was thinking the same thing... Is there a blizzard we don't know about and everyone is trapped at work or on the road? Maybe their heads exploded by the awesomeness that is Datsyuk last game so they're not around to watch this game?

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Anyone in Toledo know where to watch the game???

110, the channel they are alwyas on, seems to be blacked out for some reason. (I'm ******* pissed, buckeye cable will be hearing an earful from me tomorrow)

DVRd this and just starting watching and it is blacked out for me too on channel 110. Checked channels 69 and 8 as well and it's nowhere to be found. Watching the steamed Nashville broadcast :angry:

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Turnover on a pass from Kindl to Holmstrom lead to a snipe from Howie's right side... was a good shot.

Are you kidding me? Babcock need to sit that kid out a couple games as a signal to him to get his s*** together. Seriously...he gave the puck away damn near evey time he touched it last game.

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