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New forum skin now live!

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Shortly after midnight I pushed the new LetsGoWings.com Forums template live. This updated includes updates across the board, from functionality to new features for some member groups. If you're experiencing any problems try refreshing/clearing your browser's cache. If you still experience issues please contact me via PM with your issue, a screenshot (if you can), and the browser type/version you're using.

There'll likely be some minor tinkering as the template is put through its paces leading up to Thursday's game against the Lightning, so feel free to leave some feedback!

(a quick note: the extra space up at the top in the white area is for the drop-down menu for the main portions of the site. since that is still a work in progress it's currently disabled, but the placeholder is there.)

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Guest stinky fish taco

i don't think having the first topic title more than halfway down the page is a good design. just my opinion.

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Thanks for the comments and feedback, everyone.

Trust me, I'd love to do away with *all* of the ads, but it's simply not an option. The site maintenance costs (monthly hosting, upgrades, subscriptions, etc.) continue to steadily rise. Without them to offset those costs this community simply does not exist. I'm always trying to find ways to make the ads more effective individually so they can be less intrusive, but it's a delicate balance and doesn't always work.

If you love this community as much as I do and want to see it continually grow you can contribute directly by becoming a 'Booster', which removes some of the ads and also gives you access to more site features (exclusive forums and chat features, among others).

I pour as much of my free time as I can into making this place better for every visitor -- and I genuinely appreciate the feedback I get!

Thank you!

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At first I thought, oh Lord don't tell me the Black Chicken has struck again! :lol:

When I actually saw a topic for it though, I realized what was going on. It really looks good! I LOVE the banner timeline!

LOL, oh no, not the BLACK CHICKEN!! :lol:

The white freaked me out at first, but it looks great!! You did an awesome job! :thumbup:

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