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Lidstrom agrees to 1-year, $6.2m contract

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Chara had a vezina finalist and conn smythe winner in behind him and Weber had a Vezina finalist behind him, no wonder their +/- were so high...

And as if Lids doesnt get paired against the other teams top players, and still puts up 'Monster Numbers" in the form of 62 points, a nice gap between that and 44...

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We kept hearing from Kenny, Babs and Jimmy Devellano that Nick is simply too good to retire.

Is it more likely that Nick will retire and go out on top after a cup winning season? You know like how Hasek did at first in 2002. Or is Nick the kind of guy who will retire after a subpar season where he shows signs that he's really had enough? Like Hasek did (well, at least at the NHL level).

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Not taking away from every single HOF/non-HOF player to have played with the Red Wings during my lifetime, which is awesome to have witnessed and am still witnessing, but I feel so privilege to have watch TWO of the absolute greatest players to ever grace the ice, for not just a game or two or a season or two, but for their ENTIRE PROFESSIONAL CAREERS, Steve Yzerman and Nick Lidstrom. Yzerman from day 1 to his last game, and LIdstrom from day 1 to who knows when!?!?! To have these guys be the greatest at what they do, perhaps the greatest when it comes to Lidstrom, and to have then play their entire careers in one city, my city, to never have seen them where a different sweater with the exception of the colors of their Country and the All-Star games, is really just sweet topping on what is turning out to be a pretty awesome life I am living. I have had my issues and life problems, stress, near divorce, bankruptcy, but even with all that, these two guys have helped provide a distraction to keep my mind free and giving me something to enjoy even in my darkest hours. Now with my life totally turned around and to look back a reflect on these guys careers without life's problems entering my mind, I just shake my head in awe. Thank you Steve and Nick for the better part of thirty years of my life! Congrats Nick on the award and thank you for playing yet another season...You truly are the best at what you do and an inspiration to watch!

:beerbuddy: to you!

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