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3/24 GDT : Hurricanes 4 at Red Wings 5

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It was more of a comment on the massive shift in opinion. People were acting like we're never going to win a game again. I haven't been here long, but I can guess that you guys were ready to start slitting your wrists when we went on that 6 game losing streak. I can only imagine how you guys were filled with immeasurable glee during that 23 game home winning streak. You guys are so bipolar it's crazy. One day Babcock and Holland are geniuses the next they're the worst at their respective jobs. One day Franzen is Mr. clutch the next he's trade bait. One day Zetterberg is the most valuable player on the team the next he's a lazy piece of s***. We're fans of one of the greatest sports franchises in history, grow a pair and act like it. If you truly believe that the wings are a great team it will become a lot easier to deal with adversity.

Actually if you read some of the other threads you'll find that most people thought the bad play was the result of the injuries and that we'd improve when we got guys back. Obviously some disagree and predicted doom, but mostly the mantra was "stay the course".

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