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#5 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #4 Pittsburgh Penguins

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Well this is what we miss during the playoffs. The only rivalry we had the past 6 years (penguins aside) have been Anaheim and San Jose... Rivalry we could somewhat still notice during the regular season.

What's surprising is the fact that it will take this series to finally maybe start one (well i would have loved to see more actions like game 2).... in the end we have been one more time too much of gentlemen during the playoffs....

We don't have the personnel to goon it up and play super aggressive. We just don't. We are built to play hockey the right way, with high levels of talent, probably what Bettman really wants, but Bettman isn't getting.

Holland did the right thing years ago by modeling this team for what Bettman had planned the NHL to become. It just didn't turn out that way, and therefore our team is currently handicapped because we lack the size and speed to get through all the mucky play. We really don't have fighters, we don't have size, and with the exception of Helm, we don't have speed. Speed is needed to beat this mucky hockey style.

As sad as it is, I bet if we had a 100% Helm in our series, things would be different. He's the one player that can outskate the Preds and get them running around. We can't shake the preds because man on man they can stay right with us, no matter what player it is. They're overall a faster team, and bigger so they bump us off pucks. To me that's what it seems is the biggest problem with this matchup.

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