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Wings meet Preds in First Round

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11 out of 13 is pretty crazy though. I'd think it was equally crazy if 11 out of 13 picked the Wings, and even then that would have more basis considering the Wings haven't lost in the first round since 2006.

These two teams are pretty evenly matched. The season series was 3-3, they're 4th and 5th seperated by almost nothing. Either team could win in 5 games, but more likely is a 6 or 7 game grind-it-out kind of series. With the high-end talent and experience of Detroit you'd think people would give them more credit despite their lackluster final 3rd of the regular season. But it seems Nashville has, for some reason, sailed up as one of the big favorites to win the West.

Can't wait for the series to start. After the first 2 games we'll have a decent idea of whether Nashville deserves all this faith given to them.

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Seems like Helm's getting closer and closer to returning. He stated earlier that he was targeting Game 2.


Wings filing onto the ice for practice. Helm has ditched the gray non-contact jersey in favor of a red jersey.


Helm hits the ice wearing a red practice jersey, as opposed to the gray 'no touch' sweater.

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I have honestly been so scared to play nashville for a while now....with all their trade deadline acquisitions and radical radulov coming back I've been like danggggg their gonna be that much better. All the analysts are picking them to beat us and many of them chose nash to go to the finals.

then i looked at their roster today

Erat-Legwand-Radulov------------ 118 pts in 158 games (75%) weakness: Radulov's defense

Kostitsyn-Fisher-Kostitsyn-------- 106 pts in 166 games (64%) strength: Kostitsyn chemistry

Hornquist-Wilson-Smith----------- 114 pts in 216 games (53%) strength: depth, an effective 3rd scoring line

Halischuk-Gaustad-Tootoo------- 62 pts in 164 games (38%) strength: very strong checking line that can score

Suter-Weber--------------------------- 95 pts in 157 games (60%) strength: offensively and defensively sound

Ellis-Gill--------------------------------- 16 pts in 55 games (29%) strength: Gill's big body

Klein-Josi------------------------------- 37 pts in 118 games (31%) strength: depth, 3rd pairing that can score

Filppula-Datsyuk-Franzen---------- 189 pts in 228 games (83%) strength: defensively sound and playoff Franzen

Hudler-Zetterberg-Bertuzzi--------- 157 pts in 234 games (67%) strength: Zetterberg's defense and Bertuzzi's big body...weakness: Hudler's defense

Holmstrom-Helm-Cleary----------- 83 pts in 217 games (38%) strength: Helm's defense...weakness: Holmstrom's and Cleary's skating

Abdelkader-Nyquist-Miller---------- 54 pts in 179 games (30%) strength: Nyquist's skill

Lidstrom-White------------------------ 66 pts in 147 games (45%) strength: Lidstrom's defense and leadership

Kronwall-Stuart------------------------ 57 pts in 163 games (35%) strength: defensively sound and Kronwall's offense

Quincey-Ericsson--------------------- 14 pts in 87 games (16%) strength: Ericsson's big body

Nashville advantage: more depth both offensively and defensively

Detroit advantage: better top 6 and loads more playoff experience

If we are going to win this series our top 6 needs to outplay theirs and we need to match their point production from the backend......we also need to neutralize Suter and Weber, their biggest strength.

To do this I believe Smith should play to increase backend production, and we also need to get Quincey to turn it on.....Nyquist should play in the top 6 in order to add even more skill to the top 6, and send Bertuzzi down to make a more effective checking/energy line....and Homer should indeed play, anything that keeps Suter and Weber busy is good.

When all is said and done, we are a playoff team. They are not. We have way more experience and it needs to show.

GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sad thing is, when Bert scored the goal in the shootout against St Louis a few games back, Draperfan was complaining all night about the team, and disappeared when Bertuzzi scored. It's like Bert kicked his puppy into the middle of the road, and it got ran over.

Same deal with NBC and Cleary, I understand that you're not gonna love all the guys on the team, but my god the guy can score a hat trick and he'll disappear until Cleary has a bad game and be like "LOL WOW HE BLOWZZZ!!! f*** CLEARY!"

LOL call me when Cleary scores a goal, let alone a hat trick.

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The only way the Wings lose this series is if they can't recover from the ennui they seem to have been suffering from lately.

Not to take anything away from the Preds, but as their very own fans say, it's the freaking Red Wings. The Preds need to meet and beat a Wings team that isn't struggling come playoff time I think to gain the respect they so desire.

It would be nice to face the Preds with the Detroit team that we all know exists, but has been hiding lately. Can't wait to see who shows up!

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Did Dan Cleary s*** on your dinner table? I ask because you seem to have a hard-on for hating this guy. It's getting a little.....oh, what's the word.....ridiculous.

Cleary must have done at least one of the following to him:

1) s*** on his dinner table

2) Stole his Social Security Number

3) Torched his house

4) Seduced his woman

5) Seduced his mom

6) Seduced his woman's mom

7) Ran his car into a ditch

8) Spiked his drink at a party

9) Stole his lottery ticket after announcing he won

10) Stole a box of Wheat Thins out of his shopping cart at the local grocery store

The hate is bizarre. Just bizarre.

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