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#8 Los Angeles Kings vs. #2 St. Louis Blues

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I'm guessing you wanted Maltby out of the league for the way he compromised the sport too.

And how many Kings games have you watched this season?

That's the Sharks you're thinking of about perfecting the boarding call. Couture and a few other guys would get touched from behind and crumple into the boards as they throw their head back.

Like I said, he does flop and it's embarrassing and frustrating. But that's only a small part of his game. He's hardly like Kesler out there. More often he's like Maltby. Agitating guys and perfectly willing to take a punch in the face if he thinks it'll draw a penalty.

You're wrong if you think Brown's not tough at all. He's not really a fighter but unlike Kronwall he will drop the gloves if someone goes after him for a hit they don't like.

This playoffs he's been an absolute beast. He had two shorthanded goals in the same game against the Canucks. Was hitting everything on the ice. Crushed Henrik Sedin. Same way against the Blues. He's been a force out there. Killing penalties, plays the PP.

Love him or hate him, if the Kings go deep he's absolutely a Conn Smythe candidate.

I have watched plenty of kings games, Dustin Brown has been known as one of the top 3 worst divers for years now. Justin Williams is also awful. He drops the gloves every once in a while but then again do you think Matt Cooke is tough? I don't think you pay much attention to diving or toughness.

I am not doubting his play but a guy who is that much of an actor does not deserve a conn smythe. I don't see how quick wouldn't get it anyways.

edit: yes, I never condoned divers like Hudler, Maltby, Franzen ect...

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Guest Shoreline   
Guest Shoreline

Thank you Kings for one of the most entertaining sweeps I've seen. :lol:

Quick is a shut down goalie, but I wouldn't say that LA has better goaltending, as others have mentioned here. Elliott has been better than Quick all year long and has the numbers to back it up...and he's going to start at least the first 2 games due to Halak' injury...and Halak may be the backup if/when he does return.

I think this will be a long and low scoring series. If LA had home ice, then I'd be a little more concerned about winning this series. But with all factors considered, including home ice advantage for St. Louis, I think the Blues can get it done in 7.

I'd say LA has far superior goaltending.

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