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Standing sections in the NHL

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Why isn't there any standing sections in the NHL, like the most teams got in the SEL.

What do you think about standing sections? Do you think its good/bad?

Do you think that only "hooligans" is in the standing sections, and do you even think that is bad?

Some examples from the SEL:

Supportergroup: Northpower

Town Skellefteå - 35 000 people in the city.

Team: Skellefteå AIK

Arena: Skelleteå Kraft Arena - 6001 seats/standing

go to 0:49 on this clip

Supportergroup: Järnkaminerna

Town: Stockholm - 1 000 000

Team: Djurgården IF

Arena: Ericcson Globe about 13 000 seats. Second clip: Johannes hov about 8000 seats


I think that the sections are very important to the teams, and its a great feeling when your in a "cheer section".

What do you think? Do you want it in the NHL?

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I think the supporter culture in icehockey in Europ comes from the European Football/Soccer (or what ever you might call it) culture, and that's maby why it hasn't deploved in North America.

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Although I prefer the more fanatic european culture to the more business orientated NHL one, after watching the following I know who the best supporters are and its not even close.


TBH I just go to a hockey game to watch hockey. You cheer when necessary and it is cool to see places like Winnipeg that are absolutely apes***, but just enjoy the game and your good.

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