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2012 NHL Entry Draft Discussion

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Did Holland and management team even bother to show up at draft center today or will they show up tomorrow?

How do we know they're not out there shaking the bushes, and/or burning up phone lines? Hey, there's always hope till there ain't.

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I agree. Holland used to be like Shero. He took many risks but he got burned a couple times ( ex. trading for Lang) and now he is all about making the safe decisions. Problem is we arnt the Wings of 8 years ago with the likes of Yzerman and Lidstrom. Players don't want to come to Detroit like they used to. Start taking risks Holland! You can't get anywhere in this league thinking players will come to you.

There is still Dats. I think a lot of players around the league would love to play with him. Going 1st pick in last seasons All-Star game is a testament of that.

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no idea! .... this is the only page i found on him


just turned 18 and 207 pds so hopefully he can be a player even if its the 3rd or 4th line be nice to add that size!

anyone know if we can sign anyone who wasnt drafted?

had my eye on him ....


still 17

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Very good draft by the wings... nice job kenny and crew... Now lets make some noise a week from tomorrow!

Go Wings!

Yes! Fianally a positive post about the draft. Everyone needs to stop freaking out.. If nothing happens July 1st, by all means be pissed. But for now, I trust holland to make this team great just as he always has.

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