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Iginla is NOW a Bruin. 1 yr $6 mill

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is not in* I should probably proofread my titles..

Per multiple sources.

Go figure, he jumps back to the Bruins after snubbing them.

Next time please pick one and post it when you start the topic. Thanks.

Great - now there's absolutely nothing to like about the guy.

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Looks like the source police are out in full force tonight. Sheesh. Cut the guy some slack.

There's reasoning behind why people need to cite sources. It's not just us being "source police." It's from past experience.

During deadlines days like this it's important people only create topics with reliable sources and link to them. Otherwise the board gets littered with rumors and false deals as everyone tries to post the latest info and chaos ensues. It's also why intentionally posting false and misleading topics is an immediate permaban. It's severe but became necessary because people would post fake deals to troll people.

If someone wants to create a topic on a deal, it's not a lot to ask that they take two seconds to copy and paste a link.

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