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4th Annual Playoff Money On The Board!

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We've dedicated our gift in the past - the first was to honor Darren McCarty's father and the second was to Mike and Marian Ilitch. How about Gordie and Collen Howe this time? Or we could do Lids since he just retired.

Also, when you send your payment, try to remember to send it as a gift so Paypal doesn't take any fees. Thanks!

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We have one last participant who is setting up a PayPal account and then we'll be all set.

I'm really thinking Mr. and Mrs. Hockey. It's nice to recognize people while they're able to know about it. Well, Mr. Hockey, but he'll get a warm fuzzy for Mrs. Hockey.

We can do Tatar's father next season, or split it if we have someone else in mind. Besides, I'd have to offer contact information for Tatar, and I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not privy to where he lives.

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A huge round of applause to all of you. We sent a whopping $360 to Children's Hospital in the name of Gordie and Colleen Howe today! That's a huge sum considering we were one and done this year for series AND game wins. That's not to rub it in at all, but to point out how generous you guys are.

Way to go, LGW! Well done.

Thank you for your donation to the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. A formal thank you letter will be mailed to the address indicated on the donation form which will also serve as your receipt for tax purposes. Please contact us at (313) 964-6994 if you any questions about your contribution.

Thank you again for your support which will help improve the lives of children and their families.


Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation

Please print or save this message for your personal records.

Transaction Summary

Transaction Date:



Enter an amount.



Gift Designation:

Use my gift where most needed.

Tribute Gift Type:

In Honor of

Tribute Title:


Tribute Name:

Gordie and Colleen Howe

Tribute Gift - Occasion

Thank You!

Notificant's Relationship to the Tribute Recipient:

Grateful fans from LetsGoWings.com

Notification Recipient Title:


Notification Recipient Name:

Gordie Howe

Notification Recipient Street 1:

1119 Rochester Road

Notification Recipient City:


Notification Recipient State/Province:


Notification Recipient ZIP/Postal Code:


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Not that I really mind, but I wish we could have done Tatar's father this year b/c it was a recent event. Next year it won't be as relevant. I completely understand the urgency to do it in honor of Howe though.

We probably could have gotten an address from that article or Helm's tax records b/c he owns the condo Tatar lives in and had their neighbors complaining about late night activities. Or, I know someone that knows him and could have gotten it through there, maybe. Either way, I'm happy the money went to someone who could use it. Thanks Vladdy.

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Thanks V16. It's good to have someone here that is willing to do this and is a trustworthy individual that we can feel comfortable giving our money to, knowing that it will end up in the right hands.

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