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Reason I didn't just use Corsi and fenwick is because the offensive components seem too high or maybe I don't understand them exactly. That is why the article I posted earlier has a bit of opinion thrown in but takes into account your ability to shutdown opposition.

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As of right now our D going into next year is:

DD, Daley, Ericsson, Kronwall, Jensen, XO, Hicketts

Cholowski and Hronek are absolute long shots. I'm looking at 19-20 for them.

That leaves potentially one spot open if you play Wit at F, and carry 8 D.

We'll know before free agency starts if we have Dahlin. If so, he's your 8th D. No more additions.

If we don't get Dahlin, but draft another D, you're looking at 1-2 years before they make the roster. This is where I consider signing Mike Green to a 2 year deal.

2018-19 D Roster: DD-Green, TD-E, Kronner-Hicketts, XO-Jensen

Kronwall, Jensen and XO are gone after next season. Bring up Hronek and Cholowski.

Ericsson, Daley, and Green would be up after 19-20. Bring up Saarajarvi, '18 D pick, and another D (Lindstrom, Sambrook)?

2020-21 D Roster: Cholowski-Hronek, DD-2018 D pick, ?-Saarajarvi, Hicketts (if resigned as RFA)


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I think the best thing to do, whether we get Dahlin or not, is to trade XO.  He obviously does not make the Dean's (Bashill) list when it comes to his preference of players.

W/Dahlin (in no particular order)

Dahlin - Kronwall

Daley - Jensen

DD - Ericsson


w/o Dahlin (re-signing Green)

DD - Green

Daley - Jensen

Ericsson - Krownall


I like the idea of having Wit to play D or O, he can be the 12th/13th FWD and 8th D on an emergency basis.

Like I said before though, we KNOW that Kronner, E, Daley and DD aren't going anywhere. If we draft one of the other D (Bouchard/Hughes/Boqvist/Dobson) I would give him and Cholowski ALL the opportunity to make the club by playing in all the pre-season games competing for a job against Jensen, XO (if not traded) Hicketts and whomever else. I don't think its a bad thing if our D consists of:

Daley - Kronwall

DD - Hughes/Bouchard/Boqvist/Dobson

Cholo/Hicketts - Ericsson

Its is not a bad thing to have your top 6 drafted player playing on your team in the 1st year. It won't hurt.

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