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GDT Sign-Up Sheet

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It's back! WOO HOO!

Now it's time to get those game day threads going. We will have another contest this season, I just haven't decided if it should stay the same or not. It took a while, but Bottle of Smoke received her prize pack for winning the contest last season and I'm pretty sure she'll say it was well worth it.

Let us know which games you'd like to sign up for!

Oct. 13 @ TBL Hockeytown0001

Oct. 15 @ FLA Hockeytown0001

Oct. 17 Home opener against Ottawa! (Got my tickets - Section 208!) Hockeytown0001 

Oct. 19 @ NYR

Oct. 21 vs. NSH Hockeytown0001

Oct. 22 vs. SJS  NerveDamage

Oct. 25 vs. CAR  Mabus

Oct. 27 @ STL Hockeytown0001

Oct. 29 vs. BOS  NerveDamage

Oct. 30 vs. FLA Hockeytown0001

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I have it! This year's contest will be who can best incorporate LGW-specific memes into a GDT. There must be a minimum of 3 LGW-specific memes in each thread or if the thread is dedicated to one meme, it has to be really over the top. 

Photoshop ability is not required in any way for the creation of GDTs. I'm looking more at creativity. And the older the meme, the better, but it has to be either created on LGW or so well known here that it could have been.

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Prize pack right now is a Lidstrom print, a regional-only Sports Illustrated with the Gordie cover, a program from Gordie's memorial service and a program and a rally towel from the home opener. I may or may not add to this - it all depends on what I come across.

You would not believe the things I had to do to get an extra towel. I can't talk about it in polite company. I really hope it goes to a good home.


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