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11/21 We Meet Again GDT - Bruins @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

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9 minutes ago, F.Michael said:

Larkin too...A few half empty net opportunities were missed.

7 minutes ago, Dabura said:

And four or five looks where they opted to pass and ultimately didn't even get a shot out of it. :turn:

Incidentally, this is where you'd like to have a player like the player Zadina projects to be, i.e. lights-out sniper.


2 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

Meme magic is real.


Bruins score. 0-1. Sigh.

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2 minutes ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

Boston feed here. I know Edwards and Sanderson are probably Doobie Brothers fans or something but they should know Bjork rhymes with work and not pork. 


3 minutes ago, LeftWinger said:

Yet they only got one official shot on goal. 

Some heroic shotblocking in that sequence, no doubt. But, all things considered, that's very much a mismatch.

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