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1/11 The Return of the MVPs AA and Vegeta - Red Wings @ Jets - 8:00 PM ET

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19 minutes ago, puckloo39 said:

yeah, I go to Texas Stars games (Dallas farm club here in Austin) sporting Wings gear.  The local very rabid Stars fans hate me with great glee... it's fun.

You are doing Gord's work, my friend.

12 minutes ago, HadThomasVokounOnFortSt said:

Just got back from Cancun so I haven’t been able to check much into this game. How we lookin? If bad hopefully we saving it for tomorrow since I’ll be at that one lol.

Not so bad, honestly. We're probably destined to lose this one, but it won't be for lack of effort or chances or SOG. Hopefully the Wings win tomorrow's game for you!

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7 minutes ago, Dabura said:
  • Cholowski (7) PPG from Kronwall (11) and Nielsen (18) - DET 2, WPG 3

Ooooooffffffff AA stoned on a breakaway!

I have residual expectations when I see a skater in Wings jersey tearing up ice one-on-one with a goalie -- I expect them to score.  I realize it's been a while since that was realistic... but it's ingrained in my hockey psyche

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