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#2490785 Legwand to Detroit for Eaves, Jarnkrok + cond 3rd/2nd

Posted by dobbles on 05 March 2014 - 04:14 PM

i am giving up my support of the red wings. i have lost all faith in ken holland.


good night and good luck.

#2472104 Filppula

Posted by dobbles on 11 January 2014 - 07:30 PM


Cleary has never played 18 minutes this season and has only played over 17 minutes four times.  His average ice time is 13:38.  1:29 of that is on the PK.  It'd be a dream if people would stop ending every post about the team with some whining about Cleary.  At least Robert Lang being Lazy and Sucking™ became a tongue in cheek meme here and got funny. 


last game: 17:34 and 3:28 on the pp

previous game: 17:33 and 2:35 on the pp (most pp time of all players)

previous game: 17:53 and 3:14 on the pp


we have been seeing a lot of dan cleary lately. over 17.5 minutes a night of him the last few games. that is was i was referencing. its not about being a meme or being funny. its about being frustrated with how bad our team is and how we keep playing %&*# players like cleary all the time. 

#2471929 Cleary should be suspended for elbow to head

Posted by dobbles on 10 January 2014 - 04:26 PM

i think cleary deserves to be suspended for a few games for sure. and that definitely makes me happy because we are better without him. i hope he gets a few games an the team plays well and babcock and holland finally see he is part of the problem not the solution.


additionally, for all the talk about cleary being a character guy and a great locker room guy and a great veteran presence, i think its fitting he committed the douchiest act a wings player has committed in recent memory.

#2470909 1/4 GDT : Red Wings 5 @ Stars 1

Posted by dobbles on 05 January 2014 - 02:57 PM


He played only 10:46 last night, good for #11 amongst forwards. Meanwhile, Cleary ended up #3 amongst forwards in ice time despite having only one hit, zero shots, and zero blocks. Granted, the Stars were on the power play for much of the game, but yikes.


Still, it was 5-1, so whatever.


cleary led the team with 2:35 on the pp  :confused:


then again he now has 53 minutes of PP time this season with no points to show for it, so i guess its not surprising... 

#2469076 Westgarth to the Calgary Flames

Posted by dobbles on 31 December 2013 - 09:35 AM

They traded a first round guy for him. A guy who's big, but hasn't progressed in their system. When it comes down to it they traded a first round pick for a ANOTHER pair of boxing gloves. This is a loss for the flames. Even if they were salvaging a poor first round pick, it's still a loss. Especially since Westgarth will not give them anything they don't already have. Not surprisingly, Burke is as dumb as Feaster.


the problem is that they had yet another first round pick bust. trading him for some sort of asset is the quality move. thats not to say nemisz cant develop in another org an at least contribute on an nhl level, but right now he had very little value. heck, we picked mccollum 5 picks later in that draft. think he would get any legitimate value back in a 1 for 1 trade?

#2467988 12/28 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Panthers 3

Posted by dobbles on 28 December 2013 - 07:15 PM

so we spend 3 minutes chasing our tails in our own zone, then we finally break into their zone and cleary draws a penalty?!?!?! way to go grandpa dan!

#2466040 Blues Re-sign Steen 3 Years 17.4m

Posted by dobbles on 18 December 2013 - 06:44 PM


I don't think that's a fair comparison at all.  Steen has always been known for his offensive talents and has nearly double the amount of points of Clarkson while being the same age.


its not about comparing the two as players. clarkson signed a contract coming off a career year he was unlikely to repeat. he got inflated value meaning the contract has a high probability of hurting the team. the steen contract appears to be the same scenario. we see it all the time with guys having big years before signing a contract. recognizing these scenarios and not overpaying is key to being a good gm and putting together a good team. buy low, sell high, right?


Short-term contract.  That might be the most interesting part of this.  Could we be returning to normal contracts instead of these 10 and 15 year ones?  That could really help the Wings.  I think teams are finding that a lot of these long-term contracts are albatrosses most of the time.


with the new cba, max contract is 7 for FA and 8 for re-signing a player, correct?


either way, 3 years is still very short compared to what we normally see.


perhaps its the first sign that gm's are finally going to have to be smart now that the cba closed so many of the loopholes that allowed bad contracts to disappear?

#2465239 Wings muscle?

Posted by dobbles on 16 December 2013 - 12:00 PM

i would love to see this team with more grit. guys that finish checks and play a harder style. thats why i think tootoo deserves to be on this roster.


but unfortunately, all we get to talk about this year is how we need more fighters to protect our stars. i think dabura hit it on the head perfectly. having tough players on your team does NOT prevent cheap shots. it just gives fans some sense of payback to make us feel better. teams that play tough still get injured. teams that play tough still have dirty plays against. it sucks that datsyuk took that elbow from cowen, it really does. but would having mcgrattan on our team have stopped it? doubt it. it was an in the moment, stick out a body part to get a piece of a guy type move. heck, boston is the poster child for tough teams and yet neal did IMO one of the dirtiest things all season by kneeing marchand. neal doesnt care. he wont have to fight anyone. or if he does it will be some hugfest like all the other crappy fights in the nhl these days.

#2463563 Petr Mrazek called up

Posted by dobbles on 12 December 2013 - 10:32 AM

A player with no history of anything more than a bruise on the knee all of the sudden tweaks his knee after a series of games where he's been sub-par at best. And its so happens that it's so bad while there is no indication or MRI or anything they are scratching him and calling up a Mrazek over 24 hours before the game. To me this screams 'he needs a couple days to sort out his head before they can try playing him again' move.


i think its funny how fan opinion of howard has spiraled out of control. if you look at goalies with more than 10 games, howard is 28 out of 45 in save percentage. so even though he is having a bad season, thats still middle of the road. now, with a contract like his, expectations are higher than middle of the road. i get that. but people act as if he has been atrocious or something. gustavsson has been great and i am glad he has gotten a good number of starts. but the best goaltender in our organization is still jimmy howard. and if we want any legitimate playoff aspirations in the next few seasons, it means howard in goal.


let me throw out a little stat here:

the highest save percentage gustavsson has ever had in a season: 90.2

the lowest save percentage howard has ever had in a season: 90.8 (excluding his seasons with 4 or less games played)


gustavsson is playing great right now. but its a hot streak, nothing more. i for one am still behind howard. i feel the majority of his goals are due to poor defense not poor goaltending.

#2463445 Weiss

Posted by dobbles on 11 December 2013 - 02:33 PM


Speaking of Cleary and Samuelsson, since they all have about the same PPG (0.16) but the glimmer twins each have more shots on goal in less ice time with a better plus-minus, couldn't it be argued that Weiss is the worst player on that line?  :ninja:


i know you are just joking, but on a more serious note, i have to wonder if franzens slow start was due to weiss? franzen is obviously streaky no matter who he plays with, but onec he got away from weiss he really turned his season around.


lots like to point to weiss not having good linemates, but has there been a game this season where he has made his line better? it seems like every time players get off his line they improve!

#2463411 Weiss

Posted by dobbles on 11 December 2013 - 12:22 PM

He got a few opportunities to play with real linemates early in the season. Since then, he hasn't had much to speak of consistently. He's on the ice for maybe 30 or 40 seconds and then he's yanked. What do you expect? You want him to just jump up and make Cleary and Samuelsson useful? Crosby couldn't make those guys noticeable. And it doesnt matter. When we get healthy, he's going right back to where he was. I'm not happy he's not producing, but people act like he's the worst player in hockey and his career is over. That's just absurd. Anyone who honestly thinks that needs to stop watching sports, let alone hockey.


he is still 7th for forwards in ES TOI per game. and even though he already missed some games, he is still 8th in forwards for PP total TOI. he has been getting plenty of chances. and according to behind the net, his most common linemates this season have been abdelkader and alfredsson. so its not like he has been with cleary and sammy for a majority of his shifts.


but i must go now, because i have to quit watching sports because i am not the right kind of fan...

#2463377 Weiss

Posted by dobbles on 11 December 2013 - 09:39 AM

You're expecting him to be fired up about playing with Cleary and Samuelsson night after night?


he got stuck playing with cleary because he was terrible for 15 games, not because there is a cosmic conspiracy. demoting a player to a lower line with crappy linemates is one of the few things that can be done to try and send a message to a player. i expect him to be fired up about the 25 million dollar contract he signed and i expect him to be fired up to play with great players on a team with a great history. he shouldnt need anymore motivation. but watching him out on the ice it seesm rather apparent he does...

#2462501 Shawn Thornton attacks Orpik (leaves game on stretcher)

Posted by dobbles on 09 December 2013 - 12:50 PM




The Eriksson hit is way early in the game 19:39 to be exact.  First shift of the game! 


No time stamp, but later in the period Thorton tries to get Orpik to fight.  Orpik declines. 

This is probably where Thorton should have just left it alone, but he's stewing not calming down.


Neal's knee happens at 8:59.  Which stirs the pot some more.  Thorton then sees Campbell and Orpik jawing at each other. He decides he needs to help out his teammates and his punches follow.  


Don't know what he was thinking when he decided to knock Orpik down to the ice and follow up with some gloved punches.

He was too emotional, pissed off, and lost his cool... because he'd been thinking about it since the first shift of the game.

It doesn't justify his actions in anyway.  It just makes his behavior all the more ridiculous.

Furthermore, I don't buy his tearful "not my intention" apology.  It was his intention to punch Orpik. 

Maybe he didn't want him to be carted off on a stretcher, but he wanted to punish him with his fists.


DIsgusting.  All around.


mccarty wanted to punish lemieux with his fists, and is revered here for it. can't have it both ways... sure the slew foot was pretty douchey, but many felt mccarty 'jumped' lemiuex similar to this altercation....


the only difference is the stretcher. had it not been brought out, we probably wouldn't even be having this conversation...

#2462476 Shawn Thornton attacks Orpik (leaves game on stretcher)

Posted by dobbles on 09 December 2013 - 10:32 AM

i wish thornton wouldn't have did what he did so the focal point in the media would have been how big a ******-canoe neal is. i wish he would have ended up with the longer suspension out of all of this. what he did was totally cowardly.


i think how it played out is really unfortunate. orpik goes off on a stretcher from a couple gloved punches so it makes thornton out to be the worst dude in the history of the world, but since marchand is disliked by most and was able to get off the ice, his injury was no big deal.


i wish the league punished more for intent an not on theatrics. thornton shouldnt have slew footed and he shouldnt have punched a guy thats down. but at the end of the day he was trying to fight a guy that had made a borderline dirty hit. i can understand someone getting caught up in the passion of the game and making the mistake he did. whereas neal's actions just make me not want to be a hockey fan when people can get away with dirty plays like that. honestly that is worse thaneven lemiuex on draper IMO.

#2462467 Do Quincey and Smith have a future in Detroit?

Posted by dobbles on 09 December 2013 - 09:42 AM

I always think it's funny that everyone complains about how long the Wings leave kids in the AHL to develop but then when they bring one up everyone is mad that they take a while to adjust.
Never happy around here


i dont understand your point...


to me, when the wings bury someone in the ahl for 3 years, once they do get the call, they should be ready. thats the entire point of having them down there. if someone is 19 and coming straight out of the chl, i understand being patient. but when our rookies are 24 and been playing north american pro hockey for over 200 games, then expectations are high that they can step into limited roles pretty quickly.


i just dont see how you can be baffled by 2 things that are basically cause and effect.