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#2612659 2015 SCF : Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 01 June 2015 - 07:52 AM

After how uninspired the Lightning looked against us in the first round, I'm pretty surprised they made it this far.  Experience means a lot and the Hawks, unfortunately, have that edge.  But the Lightning are a high scoring team, have beaten 3 other original 6 teams to get here and might be fresher not having played a bunch of multiple OT games against a physical team.  I want the Lightning to win, but I really can't see how that will happen.  Bishop is shaky and the Hawks forwards are way deeper than TB's.  I mean, seriously, as we saw in the first round, if you take away Tyler Johnson, this team is basically done.  Hoping it'll be TB in 7, but it'll more likely be Chicago in 5 or 6.

#2608580 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 19 May 2015 - 01:15 PM

If true, fine by me ... in the end, he wasn't as sought after as he or most people thought.  Toronto, Buffalo, Det were the only true options.  Nothing from Pittsburgh, SJ, Edmonton, St. Louis ... 


Guess he's not even close to the 'best coach in the NHL period'.


We've been pretty spoiled when it comes to coaches over the past couple decades.  Look around the league, the coaching spot has been a revolving door, meanwhile we have a guy that led a mediocre Ducks team and led them to the Finals, took a Wings team that was in some serious transition after the Yzerman era and made it to the final four 3 times in a row with a Stanley Cup championship.  He also won a couple Gold medals at the Olympics.  Yes, he hasn't done much since recently, but he hasn't had much to work with since either.  Lidstrom, Rafalski and Stuart all left within a couple years and really were never replaced.  Franzen fell apart.  We've been breaking in new goalies ever since Osgood retired.  He's not blameless for the playoff failures of the past few years, but I don't think this lack of success is any indication of how good he is as a coach.  He's done a heck of a lot more than any other active coach in the league.

#2606668 WCSF : (6) Minnesota Wild vs. (5) Chicago Blackhawks

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 08 May 2015 - 06:39 AM

While I hate seeing the Hawks advance, part of me smiles everytime I see Minny get eliminated.  I hope Parise and Suter are enjoying their long term commitment as perennial playoff losers.

#2605985 Jim Devellano on Mantha's play: "Very disappointing"

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 04 May 2015 - 08:06 PM

I hope his "very very very disappointing" year doesn't entice them to trade him as a knee jerk reaction especially for Phaneuf


If they wanted to trade him, publicly calling him a disappointment isn't the best way to increase his trade value.

#2605558 ECSF: Tampa Bay Crying Coopers vs. Montreal Complaining Canadiens

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 02 May 2015 - 08:52 AM

i dont know how i feel about this series, i'm still angry we lost to tampa, but ive always hated the habs with a passion  :confused:


Before our series against Tampa I said I'd root for whomever wins that series, but now that we've played them, listened to their fan base, listened to their coach accuse us of cheating and witnessed this BS Kronwall suspension, I just don't have it in me.  If they win, great for Stevie, but if they lose, I'll be more than okay with that.  This is why you can't have a second favorite team as soon as they play each other in a playoff series, regardless of the outcome, you'll end up hating one of them in the end.

#2602572 ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 28 April 2015 - 07:42 AM

If it wasn't for Mrazek, TB would have had 6 or 7 goals last night.  He has two shutouts in this series and was 5 min away from a third and this isn't some grinder team we're playing either.  This is the highest scoring team in the NHL.  I was a little skeptical about starting Mrazek over Howard in the beginning, but I think after Game 3, he cemented himself as our starter for this series if not the entire playoff run, which needs to be longer than just one more game.  Our team is inconsistent as hell, but we've battled this hard and nobody gave the Wings a snowball's chance to win this thing.  Heck, people were picking Winnipeg to win their series over Anaheim, but not us.  Time to make these "experts" take the Winged Wheel seriously again.

#2601851 ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 27 April 2015 - 06:54 PM

Well, everybody else has been coming back to close out their series at home.  Why not us too?

#2601443 ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 27 April 2015 - 10:20 AM

“My message to our guys is you’ve got to suck it up, got to fight through it,” Cooper continued. “And if they’re bringing it, you’ve got to bring a gun to a knife fight. That’s how it has to go. So to get on them, we have to be bettericon1.png.” Cooper


That has got to be some of the most incoherent babble I've heard from a coach in a long time. "And if they’re bringing it, you’ve got to bring a gun to a knife fight" What the hell is he talking about? 


Not sure, but if Glendening has any bullet holes in him, I think we'll have a better understanding.  I didn't think I'd hate the Lightning after this series regardless of the outcome, but.... now I'm kinda starting to. lol

#2601437 ECQF Game 6 GDT : Lightning 5 at Red Wings 2 - Series Tied 3-3

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 27 April 2015 - 09:59 AM

AND there it is... Jon Cooper whining and saying we cheat




Every Freaking Year! lol


Translation: "They're playing defense.  That's not fair.  How are we supposed to score goals if they have their players just following our players around, stealing the puck, and getting in front of our shots?  They're cheating.  They just need to let our players skate wherever they want, sit in the slot and wait for an uninterrupted pass so they can one time it.  Preventing us from playing our game is just wrong."


Seriously, Cooper needs to grow a pair.  They're losing because they're getting out coached and getting out coached very badly might I add.  Saying that the other team is "cheating" is the first step towards failure.  

#2598458 ECQF Game 4 GDT : Lightning 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) - Series Tied 2-2

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 23 April 2015 - 09:00 AM

I think the fans could really help us.  I think the Wings feed off that energy and in Game 3 the fans were really into it.  They were cheering for every little thing, chanting for any player that did anything.  I can't remember the fans being that involved in a playoff game in years.  I don't think whomever wins this game, wins the series.  I could easily see the Wings winning this in 6, if they lose this one.  That being said, I think we win this one and go up 3-1.  Abby and Smith (yeah, I know) were solid additions to the lineup for Game 3, it'll be interesting to see how Tampa adjusts this time around.

#2598442 ECQF : (8) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (1) New York Rangers

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 23 April 2015 - 06:32 AM

The more I post Herr the better the pens do, but I almost want them to win, because they'd be wayyyy easier to beat then NY because Sydney can't keep his team controlled.


We actually have a good record against the Rangers this year, so I wouldn't mind playing them.  I just want the Pens out.  They're a streaky team and if they would somehow come back and win this series, they'll be a pain to knock out.  And as much as I'd like to listen to NBC praise the greatness of Crosby, I'd rather just see the disappointed look on his face during the handshake after Game 5.

#2595177 Post-GDT ECQF Game 1: Red Wings 3, Lightning 2 (DET leads, 1-0)

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 17 April 2015 - 06:33 AM

Great win for the Wings last night.  Mrazek is pretty much going to be our starter for the rest of the series unless he completely falls apart.  "Our 23 year old rookie goalie had 44 saves in his first NHL playoff game and won" are words I thought I'd never say.  I know a lot of people are freaking out about the lopsided shot totals, but isn't it nice to be on this side of it for once.  I mean, over the years, how many times have we seen the Wings dominate, completely out shoot the opposition by a wide margin and lose the game?  This kind of loss puts the Lightning in a tough spot now.  They did pretty much everything right and still lost.  What adjustments do they make for the next game?  Uhh score more goals?  Not really a strategy.  They're probably just going to come out the same way they did last night and hope its good enough this time around.  The Wings on the other hand have an opportunity to adjust.  Adjust strategies, lines, personnel.  


Datsyuk was his usual self.  You knew Helm would be a force in the postseason like he's always been.  Luke Glendening reminded me of Yzerman in this game.  Hardworking, never give up, score the big goal.  In those final 12.8 seconds, he lost the critical face off in his own end, but then blocked the shot and kicked the puck out of the zone with his skate, then blocked any easy re-entry into the zone.  If everyone plays like that, we'll win this series, hands down.

#2592973 Babcock: Petr Mrazek is starting Game 1

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 13 April 2015 - 02:03 PM

I understand the move, but I can't imagine a scenario where Mrazek wins this series for us.  He's been better than Howard down the stretch for us and did shut them out recently, however, 23 year old goalie with zero playoff experience and consistency issues throughout the year doesn't give me confidence.  Howard hasn't been good, but the playoffs are a whole different story, he has playoff experience and if can get back into his usual form, we could go pretty deep.  I hope I'm wrong, but I bet we see Howard in this series at some point. 

#2582481 3/15 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Penguins 1

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 16 March 2015 - 10:18 AM

Great win yesterday.  Its always fun for me to see the Wings beat the Pens and even nicer when its 5-1.  I'd be mad about all the crap the Pens pulled yesterday, but honestly, that's all expected.  When you play them, you know you're going to get that kind of sportsmanship or lack thereof.  They've developed a reputation as being this whiny, emotional, uncontrollable team that loses their composure as soon as things start to go south for them.  What's really tough for them is the type of coach they need is the type of coach Crosby, Malkin and others won't want to play for.  Its a tough spot.  


Fortunately, for us, we have a great group of guys, good mix of young and old.  Mrazek was great yesterday, but he was terrible the last time he played in Pittsburgh, so let's all keep that in mind before we go banging the drum for Howard's departure.  As far as I'm concerned they both need to work on their consistency.  Pulkkinen should never wear a GR Griffins jersey again and we need to find Zidlicky the fountain of youth and keep this guy around as long as we can.  On that 3rd goal, I think he broke the space time continuum.  I thought I saw the puck hit the back of the net before he actually shot it.  I was kind of whatever when we acquired him, but now I can't imagine our blueline without him.


If you're having a bad day or just need a smile, ask Siri "Who won the Red Wings Penguins game?"  I've done it like 10 times yesterday and today, it never gets old hearing "The Red Wings crushed the Penguins by a score of 5-1."  :lol:

#2577691 Red Wings acquire Marek Zidlicky from NJ for Cond. 2016 3rd Round Pick

Posted by xtrememachine1 on 02 March 2015 - 03:08 PM

Fingers crossed Dats, Z, and Kronner stay healthy a couple more years though. 


I think the transition is going pretty smoothly.  Tatar and Nyquist are coming along nicely.  Pulkkinen shows a lot of promise, DeKeyser is getting better every day.  I think the vets will stay healthy long enough that when they leave these younger guys will be superstars.  I'm more optimistic about this transition from Datsyuk and Zetterberg to these young guys than I was 10 years ago when Datsyuk and Zetterberg were taking over for Yzerman, Fedorov, Shanahan and Hull.