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Bigger nets ?

26 November 2015 - 11:34 AM

I was wondering what thoughts there are on this idea that is being floated out there to make the nets bigger to increase goal scoring.


Personally, I really dislike this idea.  I think it is just a weird and gimmicky move.  And I think it is a change that alters the nature and the visual of the game too much.  I just do not like this idea.


I would agree with perhaps reducing the size of some of the goalie equipment.


And i would really like to see a larger ice surface (like international size rinks).  The problem now in my mind is that the players are bigger and faster and the space all 10 players are occupying on the ice has effectively been shrunk.  Increasing the size of the ice surface will allow for a more open play and more creative puck movement leading to more scoring chances...kind of like the effect you see in 3 on 3.  This is the change I would be most in favor of.  I think it would enhance the excitement of the game.