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In Topic: Are the Wings a Contender?

Today, 04:04 PM

Playoff Contender ? Yes but cup contender? No way in hell they are at least half a decade away from being at that stage again

In Topic: 11/26 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers 2 at Red Wings 5

Today, 04:02 PM

So you'd trust burke's opinion over babcock's?


Nope never but he is not wrong here.  If a specific or specific stats can push your own team over the top for sure you are using them, but so far nobody has been able to produce such stats and I guess that's part of why some teams are hiring math geniuses.

In Topic: 11/26 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers 2 at Red Wings 5

Today, 02:30 PM

You can call the people that calculate advance statistics "nerds" and "math freaks" but at the end of the day you calling them names doesn't dismiss what they are doing. Advanced stats simply give you more information, and when handling a multi million (or even billion) dollar franchise, if you are a GM you should be using all the information/tools you can get.Baseball has been doing this for a while now, and some teams have had great success.


Actually I complemented them excel freaks and math geniuses is a positive. Baseball is a different much slower game and personally I highly believe GMs are having access to a lot of information.

I. Think Burke said it best :,, show me a stat that gives us an advantage and we are going to pay you a lot of money.. " but so far nobody has done that

In Topic: 11/26 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers 2 at Red Wings 5

Today, 10:44 AM

Aren't all stats based on on past examples? If you are not evaluating a player based on past examples, you are evaluating based on future projections. However future projections are based on past examples.
Advanced stats give GM's and coaches more tools to work with when evaluating talent.  I am not saying that these stats are a greater tool then watching a player play, but Holland, Babcock and company cant watch every player in the league for the entire game, every game of the year. When making a trade and/or signing a free agent, these stats should be considered.

Yes, they are and that's why watching the players is more important. I mean, things like intangibles, work ethic and grit can't be measured. Best example is Toews, doesn't score things of goals but he is easily a top 3 player behind Crosby and Stamkos << but to know that people have to watch the game instead of paying around with Excel sheets, calculators

I mean, GMs are already having enough information those new stats are just something to talk about fire the media.

In Topic: 11/26 GDT : Philadelphia Flyers 2 at Red Wings 5

Yesterday, 10:53 AM

You realize that advanced statistics are based on what actually happens on the ice right?

They are based on past examples, given some funny names and done by math freaks and excel geniuses but I guess I'm just not advanced enough to care about stats other than goals, assists, gave is... the official ones. And even then they aren't telling the whole story a player could have a great game but still be snake bitten