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In Topic: Selanne would still play if Boudreau wasn't Ducks coach

Yesterday, 11:34 PM

Hurr durr he's fat, what a piece of s***. 
The dude's teams were always president's trophy contenders. 

And what kind of playoff contenders? They have no balls in the playoffs. Enough said. 

That's because he messes with goaltenders and plays favorites, guy is also a whiner pretty overrated coach.

In Topic: Compliance buyout expected to be used on Tootoo

Yesterday, 07:56 PM

I feel worse cheering for the devils now that Martys roaming around as a free agent, but tootoos too damn endearing not to stick somewhere.
I hope for nothing but the best for him, and hope he plays it classy when he plays us, just so I can keep rooting for him.

He didnt b**CH and moan about going to gr, and didn't act all high and mighty once he was there...
That video of him giving his stick to that kid made me respect him a lot more...


I wish him the best too but I think he will play very very hard when the Wings come to town, because he knows no one the Wings is going to fight him or else... 


I think he will fit in fine with the Devils taking on the lesser guys while Jensen gets the heavyweights.

In Topic: Barry Trotz Wants Ovechkin to be more like Yzerman

Yesterday, 07:31 PM

Ovechkin is the epitome of the lazy, one dimensional Russian of this generation. He is waiting for the puck on the powerplay and unloads his crazy one-timer. The Captain wore the Wings logo deep in his heart, the return to glory started with him, Stevie even changed his whole game just to help out the team. The guy basically played some playoff series on one leg and NEVER complained. Making him captain has been a real mistake, he isn't a leader and never will be he is a very good goalscorer but really has no other ability.


Ovechkin is what he is and he will never change the words Yzerman and Ovechkin in the same sentence are just *LOL*


I hate to say it but the only guy who is close to become a lighter Yzerman is captain serious Jonathan Toews :( also at least to me the best pure goalscorer and TEAM guy is Stammer, he never complains is already elite and keeps working his butt off to be in even better shape each year, something that can't be said about Ovechkin.


btw. the sad thing is if more Russians were like Pasha and less like like Ovechkin, Kovalchuck there wouldn't even be a russian factor in the NHL and some of them could MAYBE turn into useful two way players.

In Topic: Selanne would still play if Boudreau wasn't Ducks coach

19 September 2014 - 06:06 PM

Pretty much what others have said.  Selanne cries too much and wasn't a top 6 player anymore.  
If he wanted more icetime, he should have signed with the 2014 Red Wings.  

No not yet e is still too young and too reliable for us.

Wait till he is in his mid 40

In Topic: Regner: Next year could be Babcock's last

19 September 2014 - 10:00 AM

I'm already sooooooo sick of this story.  Until he signs a contract this is going to be one long, speculative, pain in the ass.  Not because of Holland.  Not because of Babcock.  Because of media goobers who see the value of rabble rousing. 


Prepare yourselves LGW, this will get worse before it gets better.


This story will be over come october, Babs already said he will not be talking about it by then and just go to the next question. I'm very sure Holland will do the exact same thing.