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In Topic: 10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

Yesterday, 08:29 PM

Agreed about Trotz. He's always been one to credit where it's due.

And if Babs were to leave - he's the guy I'd like behind the bench in Detroit.

Bob Hartley would also be an interesting choice

In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

Wonder if we could get Brunner back ?

In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

If he retires it comes off the books, but I don't see him walking away from that much money.

You can always try to Pronger him << ltir Weiss would still get his money but not count against the cap

In Topic: Weiss sent down to GR- conditioning assignment

29 October 2014 - 09:27 PM

Weiss must just have character issues (not that he's a jerk or anything). He was used to being handed first line minutes in FLA where they had a terrible tradition of being horrible and now he comes to Detroit and gets outworked by kids around him and just watches as his chances fly by. I don't think Weiss is an every-dayer that Babs preaches about. 
somewhere holland is so doing a dance. makes his life easier. 

Which makes me question how much input Babs had into the signing? I don't know but so far this is getting ridiculous.

Whenever he gets his chance here, weiss better be running away with it otherwise I could see them exploring trade options. Maybe for Eriksson who doesn't fit with Boston

In Topic: Wings great Gordie Howe resting after 'serious stroke'

29 October 2014 - 05:37 PM

Sorry, but he's been suffering immensely in recent years.  He is not going to get better.  Dementia doesn't get better and he isn't likely to make a miraculous physical recovery due to his age and other health issues.  He deserves to go with the dignity he lived his life. 


Sorry but this is just sad and cruel don't you think his sons, daughters would love seeing him around a few more years ? I cringe everytime thinking about how hard that must be for family members, I could never stomach witnessing the maybe last days in someones life thats just .. ..horrible


his son is a doctor he should do everything he can to extend his life