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In Topic: Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

Today, 03:38 PM


How does Nill get a pass in your book, but not Sakic? I still think Yzerman is pretty green as well.


Nil is green as well but he started it all of with absolutely robbing a top 2 GM (Chiarelli), and then followed it up with getting Spezza for spareparts, signed Hemsky. Sakic hasn't made such a big trade yet but he did something really well --> picking MacKinnon so he definately on the right track.


Even if Yzerman is still green, what the guy has done with Tampa is just awesome and mark my words he will not standby and watch Stamkos signing with Toronto. Long before UFA Stammer will re-sign there.

In Topic: Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

Today, 03:27 PM

Good list but I want to see what Sakic can do this year, before I name him a top 10 GM. Avs have lost their  top center, a great backup and haven't re-signed Barrie yet so there is still work to do.


My list would be:


1. Lombardi, Yzerman, Chiarelli, Nill, Bowman, Armstrong

2. Poile (although he might be on the hotseat), Maloney (what this guy is doing with a shoestring budget is amazing),

3. Holland, Kekailinen, Bob Murray


I also think Benning will do a good job in Vancouver if they give him the time.

In Topic: Sharks enter training no with no C or A's

Today, 03:23 PM

The Sharks, Canucks and us - all former western powerhouses - knew this would come it just amazes me, how Wilson is willing to destroy the reputation of their franchise. Both guys just re-signed a few months ago and now he is trying to piss them off by removing the C, A if I'm Thornton I'm smiling in his face telling him no matter what I#m not going to waive, if you try to ignore me on purpose and don't play me...well the NHLPA wil get involved.


Man finding the message board there is hard to do and makes me appreciate our well structured and greatly styled one even more. But I do understand some of their fans they want a real rebuild and Wilson seems to be unwilling. It's sad to see seeing former powerhouses barely making the playoffs or missing them.


as for the toughness comment if I'm Stoll I'd be starting a lot of MMA training after normal workouts because Scott will talk to him no matter what but man that PP comment is *lol* their toughness at least now has a name Scott.

In Topic: Leiweke Leaving Toronto after 1 year

Today, 09:03 AM

From what I've heard, his role with MLSE was never meant to be long term, so to many, this isn't a huge surprise.  Also, for clarity, it will likely be over 2 years that he will be with MLSE since he will leave on June 30, 2015 (unless the Board finds a new replacement sooner).  That said, my guess is that he is likely leaving earlier than planned for some reason (difficulty dealing with Bell and Rogers boards?).


For those not as close to the specifics, this isn't a Toronto Maple Leafs thing, MLSE owns the Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC (MLS soccer team) - amoung many other ventures.  So, he was the President of MSLE and from what I can tell, most of his attention was actually on other ventures, not the Leafs specifically.


Maybe that has been the problem them ? I never understood the signing, they've fired Burke and then hired another bigmouth, brash persona just to "fire" him again but I also think it must be very difficult dealing with this big group of CEOs, chairmans and what not.


I mean Dubas has to ask Nonis < Shanahan < Leiweke < Tannenbaum < George Gope that's a lot of steps to get get something done, approved.


They have enough money if MLSE is smart, they are going to bring in the great one and let him run the company. Also I still can't believe the BOG allowed the sale of the Leafs to two big companies who *hate* each other.

In Topic: Sharks enter training no with no C or A's

Today, 08:54 AM

If this is their way of trying to get him to waive his ntc, it's a dick move. Don't want him as captain want to t rade him ? ! Don't re-sign him and don't give him a ntc then simple as that.


If Wilson really believes Marleau and Thornton are the only problem there, he is out of his mind. This team has lost against the stanley cup winner and for whatever reason couldn't get the job done after leading 3:0. I mean it's hard to see the Wings direction but in terms of San Jose I don't see a direction, they aren't rebuilding/tooling and they haven't signed anybody of notice maybe it's a hybrid build.


If I where Thornton I'd be pissed and tell them about it, they can't t rade him he will get his money no matter what.