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In Topic: Babcock " I dont think it will be my final year here"

Today, 02:12 AM

Babs is the best coach in the sport of hockey. He can name is price and term as far as I'm concerned.


Me too, give him a blank check and let Babcock will in term and money.

In Topic: Are the wings underrated?

Today, 01:58 AM

Of course people mention this frequently, its fact. If a person is going to make a rational and logical arguement, I would expect they use facts in their arguments opposed to emotion.   You constantly refer to the Wings as an old team, yet if you look at their lineup its filled with young players. Do you really think there is a better change of Z, D, Kronwall, regressing, then Gus, Tatar, Sheahan, Jurco, Smith, DD getting better? Young players improve, the Smith of 2014 is not necessarily the Smith of 2015, I would hope with 1 more year of experience, and with Babcock leading the way, all these players will get better. Then throw in less injuries, I dont see how you can be so overly pessimistic regarding this team. Yes we probably know what we are going to get with Franzen, Cleary & Quincey, but that's 3 players.


Other teams had to deal with it too Boston lost Seidenberg, Blues half top line, Bolts Stamkos.. Also keep in mind that Kronwall hasn't missed significant time if he does, the whole defense is even more screwed. In terms of youth I prefer a wait and see approach because nobody knows if some will fall into a sophomore slump or not. I'm not pessimistic I'm realistic and looking at the opinions of some established experts, media outlets I'm not far off with my prediction.


I think it's healthier to wait and see what some potential future Wings can do instead of putting my hopes on them, before they've played a few games. Also people are quick to forget that other teams do have potential young players too. The difference being with my approach I will enjoy the season much more thanks to realistic expectations. I just don't see a point in expecting magic things from a retooling team, just look at the Leafs and their unreal Nylander hype kid will never live up to that. Heck if Mantha gets some games and scores around 10 goals that would be fantastic but I'm not expecting anything other than hard effort from some of the rookies.


There are threads on other message boards talking about Goose easily scoring 30 goals ! this season and stuff like that I just don't believe going into a season with such expectations - if a team isn't a contender - is the right approach to take but that's only mer if others think differently, that's fine too. Anyhow I agree with your point about Howard I think the monster and him will have a good year.

In Topic: CBC partners with Rogers in landmark NHL rights deal.

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

Way to waste 4,5 million this thing looks like a spaceship from a Star Trek Episode. I mean the Tsn one may not have been "state of the art" but it was very functional, well structured and Canadian in terms of the surroundings. Also while did SN choose an oval one ? I mean it world's better than the old studio but it doesn't change the fact that the on-air personal is still terrible and I hope they lose a lot of money and therefore are forced to return to Tsn where hockey belongs! I mean , their best expert is by far Mike Johnston nothing against him but he is no Dreger, McKenzie or LeBrun in terms of sources and reporting skills. I feel bad for Don Cherry hopefully Tsn gets at least Hnic back and go from there :(

In Topic: Are the wings underrated?

Yesterday, 02:08 PM



So being better than Randy Carlyle makes Mike Babcock heroic?  Lol. 


By that standard at least 16 NHL coaches were heroic a year ago. 


Won gold with Canada and no matter what people are thinking, it's not easy to get a superstar loaded roster to buy in into a 200 ft game. if it would be that easy Canada would win the WJC gold every year. Another talent is knowing when to unload on players and when to be kind. I think the only other coach who could have gotten this roster into the playoffs is Darryl Sutter but other than that no one would have been able to pull that of, so yes, Goose was amazing but so was Danny.

In Topic: Are the wings underrated?

Yesterday, 01:28 PM


1. "That stupid injury thing" impacts losing your high end talent, cohesion on the team and forcing players into unfamiliar situations. I'd say this team was lucky as hell that Goose responded the way he did. When you dress a full, healthy team, that depth gives you better chances up and down the line-up. You build on success and chemistry night in and night out, and it allows your team to get on a roll. When there's a constant rash of injuries, that kind of throws a wrench in things, wouldn't you think?


2. Yes, this is the same roster as last season. Thing is, it's also a healthier one. The biggest issue facing the older players is the wear and tear, but it's not like you're going to see a significant drop in ability for Datsyuk - I think he's already shown he looks better. Weiss looks much better, even though he's been given lumps of coal for line mates. As far as the kids carrying the team, I don't see it that way at all. With a healthy team (kind of important) the kids are playing against weaker competition. In saying that, Sheahan and Tatar have looked fantastic in the preseason, IMO. Nyquist isn't going to score goals at the same pace he did last season, but 20-25 isn't out of the question. Where some guys may have sophomore slumps, others may break out (I feel this way about Tatar) and have even better seasons. One year of older guys slowing down can also be a year of exponential growth for a younger ones - it's all about perspective.


What I will concede here is that we have the exact same defensive core, and if it's going to be used the same way it was last season ,THAT is a problem. They're not all that great at generating offense and getting the puck up ice quickly. If there are question marks anywhere on this team, I'd say it lies with the defense.


3. Yes, the Bruins intimidated Montreal all the way to losing to them in game 7. Speed kills - as do smart decisions with the puck. Detroit didn't do that and that's why they lost - they played poorly. They didn't play intelligent, fast-paced hockey. Again, going back to what I see as the big issue on this team, it's getting the puck up the ice in a timely manner from the defense. I still say that's their Achilles heel, and something that really needed to be addressed in the offseason. I think it's part of why this team hasn't made their next round of cuts - guys like Ouellet, Sproul, and now Jensen last night are turning Babs' head.


1. Yes it does but other teams had injuries too as sad as it is, it's part of the game. In my mind Goose absolutely exploded expecting him to repeat such a performance over the course of a season is unfair. Counting on a fairly healthy roster is nice but at the end of the day older teams are more prone to injuries. I prefer to look at things realistically and by expecting a bad season (for Wings standards) they can only surprise me in a positive way so I guess it will lead to more fun watching the young - hopefully - soon stars play. But given the chance I honestly prefer watching Bruins - Habs, Maple Leafs - Habs, Canucks - Flames , Flames - Leafs or Flames - Bruins I have a feeling those games will be more entertaining than Wings - Florida, Buffalo, Isles ...


2. Tatar completely changed blew my mind not only with his play but also with his unreal mindset (playing after this horrible story) and scoring a goal, so I hope he explodes ala Goose. Yes, Weiss has looked a lot better and kinda bulked up a bit ? but please keep in mind it's only the pre-season. In terms of Goose I fully agree with you if he can score 20 - 25 goalson a regular basis that would be absolutely huge he [Goose] obviously has the talent to do it. The other teams aren't stupid I'm sure they've done their homework and now know how good Tatar, Goose, Danny are which is bad for our young guns but could also mean more space for Z and Pasha.


3. In my mind the Bruins played really bad against the Habs, Rask looked shaky compared to Price and Boston never found a way to replace that Chara - Seidenberg combo but if they meet again I would still bet on the Bruins they are much (or at least should be) a much better and more likeable team.


The defensive core does have more problems than just getting the puck to the forwards and running the powerplay, they aren't phsysical enough. Other teams don't pay a price for standing in front of the net and screening Howard or the monster, do that against Boston and Chara, Lucic and McQuaid will make one thing very clear ...stay there and prepare to get pushed of forced out! Sadly the drop off after Danny, Kronwall and Ericsson is huge and I really don't think Oulett, Sproul or Jensen should be trusted to be heavy hitters or playing QB at their first pro-season (if they even make the team). At the end when I'm looking at the last 3 years as an example it is clear to me that the Wings are rated where they should be, it's up to the team to proof experts, fans and the media wrong. We are just fans we can't control anything so it doesn't matter what we think the team has to perform to their abilities will it be good enough for a 24 playoff berth ? Maybe maybe not but like I said, I prefer to look at iat rationally and of course being bad in a McEichel year isn't the worst thing in the world :-)


Also, none of that negates the fact that nothing Babs' did last year was "heroic".  Which was my original point.  He put an obvious player on an obvious line, and that player produced at an unsustainably high level to drag the team into the playoffs.


How about his calm down words for Tatar ? He could have absolutely unloaded on him but instead told him to keep his head up and not worry about the mistakes. Carlyle on the other side yelled at his pl ayers to "compete" without ever mentioning what he means .