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In Topic: WJC 2015 Starting today

Yesterday, 11:05 PM

There is hardly anything to take out of Canada first game yeah they did beat Slovenia easily but everyone expected that, their real tests will come soon enough. So yeah even if they played too cute there is no way this is going to work against other powerhouse teams. Sadly missed US - Fin how did Eichel look ? btw. people made fun of all the empty seats in Sweden Canada isn't doing much better so far but that's to be expected when you are charging up to $ 250 for top seats in a Canada game And make people buying the whole group stage package. After all this is a juniors tournament not the NHL...

In Topic: With DeBoer out of a job in NJ and calls for Lou's head...

Yesterday, 11:00 PM

Great article after all but Harris and Blitzer are not the kind of owners the Devils fans should want in terms of controlling a rookie GM or rookie coach They don't come off as fans at all both of them are more interested in the bottom line hence why they've sold out to sport betting and annoying fans with that crap. I'm still shocked that their forward core is worth 47 million that's unbelievable

In Topic: With DeBoer out of a job in NJ and calls for Lou's head...

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Larson and Bouliton would be nice other than that not much interest in their players

In Topic: WJC 2015 Starting today

Yesterday, 10:53 AM

Can't wait!!! this is easily one of the highlights of the hockey year for me. 


Sadly my dear team Sweden doesn't look as good as previous years, I'll be very happy if we're in the medal contention.


My no.1 wish is that Canada doesn't win though, they haven't won gold since 2009 and if they lose again this year at home in Toronto it would just be amazing :D


Fully agreed with everything and it's starting with a bomb US - Finns should be a dandy and before that watching the Transformers 3 BD so a nice evening :-)

In Topic: Are the Wings a Contender?

Yesterday, 07:31 AM

Yeah, that'll put 'em over the top.


It will help fill the void of Thornton (but not in the locker room), they also need a top 4 d so I'd consider them in the Myers trades. No matter how people are looking at it this will be the first time wehre Chiarelli is going to face some adversity and rightfully so.