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In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Today, 03:08 AM

okposo is a pipe dream

Isles would be incredible stupid letting him go, guy has good size and is willing to use it plus he can carry a team

But hey if they play it cheap wings should be all over it

In Topic: New NHL website design....

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

so I wrote to Nhl.tv because my service it's still pretty pretty bad. And this is their reply:
"Thank you for contacting NHL.TV. We appreciate the time that you have taken to write, and welcome the opportunity to respond. 

We appreciate your feedback because we are always grateful to receive feedback from dedicated hockey fans such as yourself.

NHL.TV Support""
...So pretty much a big F you

I would respond to them with an attachment showing a picture of account canceled

In Topic: 9 (NINE!) player trade involving Phanuef

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Looks like we have another Photoshop pro with NeverDamage now,nicely done :)

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

Rychel and Looch would go a long way to make this team harder to play against

the problem is both are too big for Holland. Also with Pietrangelo injured people can forget Shattenkirk ... so since nobody will be available for a price that doesn't include Larkin, Mantha staying pat seems to become more and more enticing.

In Topic: 9 (NINE!) player trade involving Phanuef

Yesterday, 12:41 PM

happy for Phaneuf,

he finally gets out of this crazy market and can solely focus on hockey. Guy is going to do well on their second pairing