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In Topic: Bring in Loiselle or Poulin as assistant GMs?

Yesterday, 10:59 PM

Where is the harm in that ? Both are very experienced guys with a ton of knowledge so they could help out our struggling GM. I know they aren't superb choices but at the end of day there is nothing better available and I'm sure Burke already has the contracts written for both guys.

In Topic: Jim Paek leaves Griffs to help run Korean Hockey

Yesterday, 09:25 PM

You losers need to follow a team with a bright future.....Join me here http://www.leafsforever.ca/

I thought you were a Montreal slappy because of your French.   ;)
PS.  I wonder how many players on the Korean hockey team are named Park or Kim?

20 players 20 letters laughs

In Topic: Bring in Loiselle or Poulin as assistant GMs?

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

I don't want anything to do with the people who were a part of building a team who hasn't won a cup in 600 years. The guy that replaced them, some 20 something year old from the Sault, he sounds intriguing.

Loiselle was responsible for the cap so you can't blame him for the on ice failures. As for the guy they've hired that's some damn impressive career at 28 but that being said, the media is already setting him up over the top as.the new wunderkid.
Also I'm not sure what Shanahan has done to deserve that position over Nonis

In Topic: Hockey News: Detroit has the easiest schedule

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

Well than I'm rather wrong than delusional. Pens, Bolts, Habs, Blue Jackets, Rangers are clearly better. Flyers may be a toss up but their physicality gives them the edge.
Blue jackets I would say are pretty comparable. I've always thought the Habs were overrated and they rode a hot streak to the conference finals. The bolts always seem to follow up a good year with a sub-par year.
I think most of those teams are close enough to us skill-wise that either team could get the upper hand. I wouldn't call any team "clearly better than us" except boston

Well the Habs have elite goaltending, so that's why I've put them above us. Bolts downfall in the playoffs was Lindberg but with the additions, probably Drouin making the team they look dangerous for years to come.

Rangers have elite elite goaltending and a great defense, Caps really pumped up their defense this offseason and Trotz is an outstanding coach and yeah Pittsburgh has Crosby, Napkin, Letang, Ehrhoff plus that Maataa Kido.

Blue Jackets, Flyers are closer yes and we should be better than the Panthers, Sabres, Send and Isles but that's not the type of category the Wings should be finding themselves in.

In Topic: Dekeyser/Tatar status update

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

Do you really see him ever topping out with something similar to Girardi's peripheral stats, though? Even if DD had the extra 10 or so pounds that Girardi has, I'm not sure he'll ever throw a ton of hits.
I really think he's comparable to Marc-Eduard Vlasic - which, coincidentally, would also be good for us.
I'd LOVE for him to add 15-20 points of muscle in the next few seasons and use his weight better, but I'm not sure he will. Now I just wanna see a monster DeKeyser, making strong tape-to-tape passes and hammering the other team's forwards.

I'd agree about the hits, but I'd also say that it's hard to gauge his willingness to use the body because he's so light right now.  Increase his weight (which will surely happen) and he may well develop that part of his game as he's got the skating ability necessary to be a hitter in the league.  I'm convinced his relative inexperience and skinniness keep those hit numbers down (for now). 

If he tops out as either Vlasic or Girardi that would be fantastic just wait till he bulks up and his hits will arrive.