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In Topic: Nestrasil Waived / Claimed by Hurricanes

Today, 01:51 PM

Well not that Nestrasil is anything special but not even getting a 7 plus rounder for him is a bit disappointing.

In Topic: Lucic tasting some knuckles...

Today, 01:50 PM


I also wonder if Lucic didn't think they would actually fight, given it was the end of the game.  Given some of the things he's done though, he should know better and be ready for it. 


As fun as it was to see him get dropped like that, I have to give him credit for getting back up that fast and wanting to go.  The hissy fit and glove throw was pretty funny though. 


Yeah I mean, the guy has his reputation (deservingly so) maybe he thought Prout would back down from him ? If he indeed huge mistake but I fully agree huge kudos to him for getting up almost immediately after that right. At first I thought he would be concussed for sure.


I just refuse to think that the guy has forgotten how to fight but Lucic also has to accept the fact, that other teams are having tough guys to that will not backdown from him and sometimes drop him. Had a good laugh at that glove throw ^^

In Topic: In an odd way.....

Today, 01:40 PM

A lot can happen in that timeperiod but:


- the remaining stars will be long gone by then << replacing them is *not* going to be an easy task

- other current contenders will be on the decline (Boston if they don't replace Chara, Pittsburgh Crosby will be 34 by then, Blues Backes would turn 37...) but other would be at the prime of their run (Tampa !, Sabers)



So for now I'll gladly enjoy watching the young guns play and not expect anything, till this team is loaded in real redwingsstyle again

In Topic: Lucic tasting some knuckles...

Today, 01:29 PM

I think people are underrating Prout a bit here, the guy is big, tough and includes boxing or even MMA lessons into his summer training. Both fought before and it was a draw or slight edge to Lucic, I didn't like his reaction either. But boy would I love seeing Lucic finally snapping today.


I really don't like the argument that Prout should have waited longer Lucic came after him both were ready to go, I think Lucic didn't expect that right bomb and so he got dropped it happens sometimes in a fight. Chiarelli needs to get his act straight, call up Robbins and let the Bruins be the team they once have been a big bad no nonsense hardnosed squad.

In Topic: General discussion for tonight's games

Yesterday, 10:43 PM

Video of the incident.

WTF is Lucic doing there? Engaging but keeping his gloves on? Then throwing his glove at him afterwards?

What a clown.

He is pissed about that hammer from Prout but he had to see it coming both dropped their gloves and were willing to go!

But man this Bruins version isn't as entertaining as last years one. Thornton and Iginla are really missed. I mean, it's going to be one heck of a Saturday night, hnic and two original 6 clubs matches plus the chance of seeing Robbins back in the Bruins line up and Lucic finally going berserk

I hope the Bruins don't re-sign him Lucic would look fantastic in a Winged wheel

Here use another fight between fight two http://m.youtube.com/results?q=Lucic prout&sm=3