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In Topic: slava voynov suspended after domestic violence arrest

Today, 01:36 PM

good send that stupid animal back home. As a guest you either behave or get into the next plane home.

wish the police would do this stuff more often , thumbs up

In Topic: So this is why teams hate the wings

Today, 10:40 AM

No it's a straight up message check out the interview video.
Maybe Z sucked in the playoffs because the "best coach in all of hockey" was too stale to play for. ;)
Cool fact - Steve Yzerman had only 4 assists in 8 playoff games and a -4 rating in the 2000 playoffs. That was his version of "not playing like a captain in the playoffs". Funny thing is he also lead the regular season in points just like Z did. 
It happens. Even to the guys in your avatar. 

wow you are right yeah 10 years is long but I still don't like the tune of it. If Z is so eager for a change maybe ask Holland to build a more versatile team one that can react to every opponent ? I am sure the word is out on how to beat the Wings.

I don't know how Blashill is going to coach but I hope he will be hard when it's needed but also a players coach in some situation.

didn't almost every player say that they've hated Scotty 364 days and loved on day 365 ? I don't think a coaches job is to cuddle the players his job is to make them better and push them in a fair way. Is Babcock hard on his players? Yes but I hope Blashill will be too. My biggest fear is some will for sure try to expose his lack of experience by trying to push back but hopefully it's not them trying to pull a Dave Lewis on him.

In Topic: So this is why teams hate the wings

Today, 04:03 AM

Oh boy that could not have been anymore blatant. Ouch.
To think, Babcock called Zetterberg "the coaches son" type of player a few years ago. 
I guess I'll take Z's word for it. I know a lot of posters here made this prediction early, about having a new voice behind the bench. Good assessment. Let's see how it plays out. 

I'm sure it's taken out of context but if not this is a very unpleasant way to say thank you to the best coach in all of hockey. And while we are at it it would have also been time for Z to play like a captain in the playoffs so that's that.

In Topic: Penguins Sale: Lemieux and Burkle asking for $750 million

Yesterday, 11:44 PM


The MLSE sold for 1.4 billion dollars and probably could have gotten more. The leafs are worth 1 billion of that like it or not. The Raptors and the joke of a soccer team aren't worth much at all. The Raptors struggle to get 100k views on TV a night. Hockey and Baseball are the gems in Toronto.


Oh ok thank you so it's basically the majority amount for the Leafs and the rest for their football and baseball clubs. But yeah this should put the Penguins sale into perspective. Yeah Ballmer bought a team for 2 billion but what people are forgetting he is the former CEO and co-founder of Microsoft so money will never be an issue for him. And as always the best owners aren't the guys who are paying the most and then cut down on costs because they run it like a business instead of a fans' dream like our own Mr. I, Pegula or James Dolen. The best example for that strategy not working are - oh surprise - the Leafs there is no way Rogers and Bell will co-own them for long one of the 2 will buy out the other one soon.

In Topic: Penguins Sale: Lemieux and Burkle asking for $750 million

Yesterday, 05:31 PM

Leafs already sold for way more than that, but no US team has ever sold for that much and unlikely Pittsburgh would, the market just isn't big enough.  The most recent Forbes valuations I saw had the Wings and Pens valued at close to the same amount ($570M and $565M respectively).  The more valuable US teams were the Rangers (obviously), Chicago, LA, Boston and Philadelphia (this one surprised me)


Well this whole the Leafs sold for a billion is a bit misleading, MLSE including all their franchises have been sold for that much. Otherwise I fullly agree no American franchise is worth that much I think if Lemieux can get a buyer in the range of 600 that would be awesome...the guy owns 20 % of the Penguins so that's a 120 million paycheck right there not bad not bad.