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#2532728 'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

Posted by frankgrimes on 21 July 2014 - 05:00 PM

Guys and girls let's not overreact here.


Don't get me wrong I would love such a beautiful arena with all the lighting and colloseeum like seating but so far these are only pictures of the project. When it comes down to actually building it nobody knows if they aren't going to chance some things here and there just to get it done in time etc.


I honestly believe there should and can't be any discussion about the name, it has to be named after an ex player or even more deservingly about the guy who turned this franchise around from top to bottom, our very own Mr. Mike I. I love the term ICE (Ilitch Center of Entertainment) Arena :-)

#2532486 Babcock Interview on 105.1 this morning

Posted by frankgrimes on 18 July 2014 - 01:27 PM

The thing with Babcock is, he has proven at every level that he cares about his players so I really believe that. When guys like Weber, Crosby and Toews are talking that highly about another coach that has to mean something.


As for his contract situation I think he is downplaying it a bit which is the right thing to do don't get me wrong. Others have mentioned it already what incentive does he have to sign here longterm? Holland is making his job more difficult every year, this roster hasn't improved since 2009 and once Godström retired things went even more on the downside. You just have to look at last season this roster had no business making the playoffs and yet the kids stole the show and somehow Babcock and the boys managed to still do it. This season looks like it may be the exact same roster just one year older so the job for Babcock is (again) more difficult. Why would he deal with that, if he could coach guys like Backes, Statsny, Schwarz, Pietrangelo (having Reeves to stick up for his stars), Crosby, Malkin all soon to be or in their primes ? Super Mario and Burke will pony up whatever amount of cash it takes to lure him to the Pens.


If the Wings are missing the playoffs this season I think heads will roll (Holland) and Babcock will be looking for a better opporunity. Don't get me wrong I'd love him to stay but it i clear the direction of this team isn't going the right way, the center depth is almost non existant and nobody knows if Marchenko won't return to the KHL or if Sproul can be that long needed RH offensive d man.


Putting myself into his shoes I would really prefer to see how the season - including the Trade Deadline - goes and then decide if I'm still willing to adapt to an ever increasing challenging, when I have the opportunity to coach young superstars on other teams with a brighter future. People who aren't appreciating him now will do so once we are facing a Babcock coached team and our new coach even its Blashill get's absolutely schooled and outcoached.


I love his answer about not wanting to be coached and I fully agree with it, if people really don't want to be fairly pushed and coached to become better players then Detroit isn't the place for them. That being said I don't think guys like Ehrhoff or Niskanen are afraid of that they sadly saw better opportunities elsewhere or our offers weren't good enough.

#2532310 Alfie wants to play

Posted by frankgrimes on 17 July 2014 - 02:51 AM

Nothing shocks me any more...well, I guess I'd be surprised if this team excites me at all next season.


Like I said at least sign an enforcer to make the games more entertaining and protect our two superstars + young players.  But overall yeah I agree this could very turn into the exact same roster which got embarassed against the Bruins and barely made the playoffs just one year older and with teams now knowing how to play against Nyquist, Tatar...

#2532299 preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

Posted by frankgrimes on 16 July 2014 - 07:30 PM

Nashville has a lot of tools in place, although I don't think Laviolette is the right choice and Ribeiro is well a locker room cancer...anyway I believe this is Poiles last chance to save his job

#2532195 Red Wings & the Media

Posted by frankgrimes on 15 July 2014 - 07:24 PM

I consider myself a big fan of the Red Wings but knowledgable - like this blogger is pushing it - would put it way too far. Anyway, after reading news how the Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia and Boston are handling their players I can understand why organisations don't want to give too much out.


The only point I somewhat agree is that the team and especially management aren't taking critics very well, as proven by an Email from a poster here a few days ago.


But the media has to understand one thing: The job of a hockey organisation is to ice the best possible roster, players are paid to perform on the ice not to be media-monkeys.  Putting myself into Kessel's shoes I would have declined every interview with a Torontosun reporter till they are accepting that I'm shy and don#t want to talk to them, till then no comments no interviews.


Sometimes the media thinks they are way more important when in reality they aren't even important.


btw. for the 24/7 stuff the media considered it "boring" boohoo down to earth hockey players acting like always, so no forced stories or Bryzgalovs quotes for you ? Cry me a river, I thought the insight about Babcocks decisions and how he reacts to pressure have been outstanding.

#2532079 preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

Posted by frankgrimes on 14 July 2014 - 07:21 PM


Lol, I'm acutally Swiss and even I think that this is not a big deal...for sure not worth to post it here...

Fiala is not NHL-ready. Needs at least one more year in Sweden. Pretty sure he'll return.


Then don't read it, problem solved.


PredsFan is providing a lot of useful information and at least in my mind an absolute enrichment for this forum. Sometimes it's really nice to know what's going on with other organisations and be it just for comparisons.

#2532074 preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

Posted by frankgrimes on 14 July 2014 - 07:04 PM

Thanks Hockeymom,I kind of just ignore that ones that tell me that i'm on the wrong board and let the mods take care of it.


Don't let them get you, I'm for one very happy to have you here and get some nice info about the Preds.


The first one was just insane almost an 360 degree circle and then pulling it off like this some serious skill here. Do you think Fiala is ready to make the team ? Nashville for what I know is hurting on the offensive side and I guess LaViolette will play his run and gun style no matter what ?

#2531930 Holland Wiki page edited

Posted by frankgrimes on 13 July 2014 - 10:59 AM

Sure we could miss the playoffs and some will still say the exact same thing and use the exact lame excuses we've been hearing since 2009. Yeah and because this team is so great, many reputable and serious sources are having the Wings as UFA losers. I don't need to be a GM to accept the fact that Holland has become too emotionally attached to a declining roster without a real identity.


Niskanen would have been instantly this teams best defenseman so yeah what a horrible contract for a 27 old kid.


Haha building through the draft yeah right and that's why he traded away the most promising center prospect and a second for two months of Legwand AND created two of the most hilarious  UFA signings. Being too attached happens to the best of them and Holland is no exception here, I just don't understand why the guy doesn't want to move up and let a fresh guy run the show.

#2531459 Who has been Ken Holland's worst recent free agent signing?

Posted by frankgrimes on 11 July 2014 - 03:28 AM

I can't even choose one because there have been so many questionable signings :(

#2531453 Please Help Me Win GDT of the year.

Posted by frankgrimes on 11 July 2014 - 02:34 AM

Congrats Flashy just awesome, awesome work.


I must admit that Slocal - his other GDTs were more impressive esp. Southpark + Star Trek theme - guy has done some pretty nice work also, that South Park theme had me cracking up *lol* especially Cartman

Also I did like the Habs GDT a lot


may the Photoshop-Might be with you all :-)

#2530753 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by frankgrimes on 09 July 2014 - 09:55 AM

All this talk about Green, what about any of the other solid right handed defenders in the league? Obviously a lot of the guys we would want would be close to untouchable but what about a young kid like Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg? What do people think it would take to get him, and would it be worth it? I personally think the kid is going to be unreal in a few years, and I'm guessing the Jets probably feel the same about him. So it may be costly, but how much would it cost us?


What about a trade something like:


To Detroit - Jacob Trouba

To Winnipeg - Tomas Tatar, Jakub Kindl, Xavier Ouellet, Landon Ferraro, 2015 2nd (or 1st if that's the only way the deal gets done)


Imagine a top 6 in a couple years of:


DeKeyser - Trouba

Smith - Sproul

Kronwall - Ericsson / Backman / Marchenko


That guy combined with Scheifele is probably at the top of Cheveldayoffs untouchable list.

#2530536 What's best for Mantha?

Posted by frankgrimes on 08 July 2014 - 12:59 AM

Babcock is far from being the problem, the guy had been given a mediocre roster at best and yet coached them into the plaoffs 2 season in a row. I think the reception around the league is "very hard but fair" and that's exactly what you want from your coach. A coach isn't someone who can/should let his personal feelings disrupt his ability to ice the best roster he can with the given material.


Babcock got a bunch of superstars to play a team first game for him and absolutely crushed the olympics. Guy is by far the best coach in hockey and there is a reason why a guy like Super Mario is only offering a one year coaching contract (2 year payment).. Once Babcock is gone, people will start to realize how fortunate he were with him.

#2530307 What's best for Mantha?

Posted by frankgrimes on 06 July 2014 - 09:02 PM

This will be his first year as a pro, so let him experience success in GR and give him the for sure coming call up. Just don't rush the kid and let him develop at his own pace.

#2529901 Hockey News: Red Wings D hunting

Posted by frankgrimes on 03 July 2014 - 10:35 PM

Byuflin would make this offseason disaster complete, fat, overweight coachkiller with a questionable dedication to the game...rather sign no one than trading for him or a guy like Green. Oilers are trying hard to fix their own d why should they trade Petry?

#2529850 Article on FAs and Red Wings

Posted by frankgrimes on 03 July 2014 - 05:19 PM

I think it is a combination of a lot of things:


1. Personal preference

You can't do anything about that, see Parise, Suter


2.  Develano and his stupid comments

I'm not turning this into a lockout thread but I've said at the time his comments for sure won't be well received among his players nor leaguewide.


3. WoW Factor

Let's face it, this team doesn't have upcoming superstars and the two reamining ones are aging, dealing with more and more injuries. Getting a chance to play on a young team with a lot of questionmarks isn't going to entice top UFAs to sign here, especially if the offers are lower than they expected. 38 vs 40 million may not be a big differense over the whole contract but 2 million are two million, add to that the familarity factor between Niskanen and his former coach and voila he signs with the Caps.


Also this team is known as a very soft one which gets pushed around way too easily.


4. New CBA

Now that even contract lengths are caped we can't even offer longer contracts, so basically our money will be equal or comparable to the ones other teams are offering and if one of those other teams is a top team ==> we won't get the player :(


5. Payback for the lowballs

Holland expected players to take a paycut (be it slight or huge) in order to play for the RedWings, well this worked out when we've not only been a powerhouse but the team to beat..so players who wanted a chance at the cup gave up some money for their chance, now we are fighting for the playoffs and the tides are turning so Hollaand might have to significantly overpay in order to get the top UFAS, which coupled with point 4 isn't easy to do.


6. Amway Partnership

I honestly believe this partnership has harmed the reputation of the Wings a lot more than people would have thought.


At the end of the day, the best way to find out would be asking the agents why more and more UFAs are shying away from this team and then it will be Kenny's job to fix this in a hurry. He is getting paid the big bucks and now has to show everyone that he still has it -which I doubt after this UFA debacle and the last few years - but we'll see.



ps: I've read somewhere - think it was Bleacherrport - that Ehrhoff would have come here with a 5 year contract a 5 per but Kenny only offered 4 and wouldn't offer the 5 one, then the Pens came calling and he accepted their offer. If that's true then...oh well