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What happened to the official Wings site?

24 September 2016 - 05:07 AM

Seriously this site looks like it's the myspace site of a 12 old to quote Sheldon Cooper.


As if the redesign of nhl.com wasn't bad enough now the official site has to follow that mess? I mean I've accepted that the video player became worse with each re-design but now even the normal site is barely readable, as bad as TSN's redesign is nhl.com is much worse. Seriously sooooo much wasted white space, the fonts are way too big and therefore wasting so much useless space.


The old one wasn't great but much better than this bulls***. I've completely stopped going to nhl.com now I can't even find the things I'm looking for at the official Wings site great way to start this f****** season, f*** you nhl.com for ruining yet another site.


Whoever decided having a "responsbile" (i.e. cheap looking, slow and not well designed), site for mobile and desktop deserves to experiencee that crap live way too destroy webdesign, screw this s***.

Shea Weber for Pernal Karl Subban

29 June 2016 - 03:12 PM

WTF Poile got robbed here. Subban's defensive game has improved a lot but boy Weber is the total package

Potentially new GMs

23 April 2016 - 02:18 AM


This thread isn't about discussing the pros/cons of Ken Holland and his tenure as a Red Wings GM. So if people want to discuss him do it in one of the other topics. The goal is, to look at potential replacements starting next year or by the time his contract is up.


Don Maloney

As I've said in another thread I would be fine with Don Maloney. He didn't have a whole lot to work with in Arizona and left that team with a very solid core going forward (Duclair, Domi and OEL). His team made the playoffs under a shoestring budget and gave the Kings all they could handle a few years ago to me that's impressive.


What I like about him is that he isn't gunshy to trade players and get some great returns, i.e. the Yandle trade getting a first and Duclair for him is really really great. On the flipside I didn't like how they handled the Domi situation the guy was ready before and they've just kept him down for cost reasons but yeah that's out of his control if Leblanc told him to do so. Would I give him the job without asking other candidates? No, but I think he should be one of the top candidates on Mr. I's list.


Dean Lombardi

Maybe maybe the Wings get lucky and the Kings decide to fire Dean Lombardi if that happens he has to be #1 on this list and we all know what a great GM this guy is. I really like his philosophy of how to build teams that are tough to play against and he builds from the net out. Throw the bank at him and give the guy a free reign to do whatever is neccessary to rebuild the Wings to their former - too long gone - glory.


Jason Boterill (Ass. GM in Pittsburgh):

If Super Mario decides to extent Rutherford, which would be a huge mistake but whatever I think he would be an interesting choice. He is pretty young for a GM, has the much needed experience and could be one of the upcoming top GMS in the game. Of course there is no guarantee and some questionmarks on how he would do as THE guy running the show but nontheless a very interesting choice.


Before people are mentioning our current assistant GMs I think some fresh blood and new ideas are needed that's why I went with guys outside of the organization.




Flyers Chairman Ed Snider passed away

11 April 2016 - 03:09 PM



Prayers and condolences to all the whole Snider family.


I think the guy has been a tremendous owner, the Flyers basically had a blank check each and every year. Probably the biggest Flyers fan ever. Not only did the Flyers lose a great owner I think the whole hockeyworld has lost a great hockeyfan and an even better person.


Owners who aren't in it for the quick buck or to increase the "franchse value" by making business first decisions are the best owners one could hope for, as we've seen firsthand with Mr. I.

NHL changes for the better or worse?

09 April 2016 - 05:12 AM

Inspired by the discussion of the Knuckes versus Numbers - the death of the NHL enforcer thread http://www.letsgowin...f-the-enforcer/ I thought this would be a nice topic for discussion. I've never ever fallen asleep as many times as I did this season or even worse flatout not bother watching some of the other teams...a few years ago St. Louis Blues, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, the BOA (battle of alberta), ´Philly versus Pitts used to be must watch and can't miss TV now even that's gone.


As a disclaimer this topic isn't to discuss to the pros and cons of fighting in the NHL the purpose is to discuss all changes!


I'm going to start by repeating what I've been thinking since a few - especially during the last 2 years - now most of the changes have been for the worse, so let's start.


Southern Expansion:

While there are a bunch of successful stories Anaheim, LA, San Jose and Tampa there are also some teams which just aren't hockeymarket, period. I would have absolutely no problem with that if revenue sharing would provide some benefits for the Wings but it doesn't there is no luxury tax or anything else so what's the point of helping out the competiton in markets that clearly don't have enough fans...nor a hockeylike weather? If teams like Detroit have to pay 20 million a year to keep other teams alive there should be some benefit to that like it's been done in the MLB...if you are helping others out, you are allowed to spend more. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.


But the truth of the matter is, this league isn't strong enough to support 30 teams and yet they are thinking about expansion again? When the obvious answer would have been relocation. Would I feel bad and sorry for some of the new fans in these markets damn sure I would but if not enough people are showing interesting there is nothing left to do. I mean, this league didn't have a problem moving the Nordics, Jets or jets to ridiculous markets...yet they are fighting tooth and nails for non hockeymarkets by exploiting teams which are doing very very well.


Tradedeadline and UFA market are dead

Smart GMs are punished for having success and a great team whle bad Gms and badly managed organizations are being rewarded with the top picks each and every year. Stars - with a few exceptions - don't make it to UFA anymore and tradedeadlines are destroyed because Gms don't know what the cap will be for next year. Honestly I can't even remember the last really big boom trade it might even go back to Marian Hossa to the Pens in 2008.


Players who decide to go to UFA are punished by ridiculous limitations like you can't sign for more than 7 years but if you re-sign with your old team they are allowed to offer you 8 years? How is this fair to other teams and players?


There is no more accountability

Agitators and rats used to have to answer for doing stupid s*** on the ice. Either by fighting the player whom they cheapshotted or fight someone from their team who is tougher and bigger. Nowadays people are allowed to facesmash, crosscheck, stickswing and flatout assault other players with no consequences other than maybe a fine here and there...that's not accountability that's ridiculous. Take the last Stars - Wings game for example if Jamie Benn whom I'm a huge fan of is tough enough to punch Z in the head 4 times, he is also  tough enough to answer for that crap on the ice against someone like Reeves, McIlrath..


Also some players these days are putting themselves willingly into vulnerable positions so the other player can get a penalty. Which to me is absolutely ridiculous a player who decides to skate with his head down and turns himself to the boards instead of absorbing the hit should be responsible for his own actions too! Don't get me wrong I'm all for players safety and reducing the amount of injuries...but we are talking about grown adults and superbly trained atheletes here every NHL players knows how to absorb a hit.


Rogers deal

I think this is the most obvious one. HNIC is dead and the greatest hockeymind of this century can't even get his point accross because of timely constraints, not only did Rogers change the intro they've also replaced McLean with a guy who's name is longer than Apu's...surprisingly their so called experts and insiders are horrible. The only good thing is that TSN can be sitting there and enjoy the gongshow till Rogers decides to sell back for a reduced price.


The deal to me again is proof that the NHL doesn't think longterm and they are only interested in a quick buck regardless what it means for the quality or the integrity of the game. I'm willing to bet some guys would make the famous Spongebob Squarepants figure MrCrabs look spendable..


Redesigns for the sake of what exactly?

Maybe just maybe I'm unwilling to accept changes (yes I hate them) but honestly what's the point of having a so called website that's worse than the new TSN one, slow as hell and looks like the blogsite designed by a 12 year old?


Wrong personal running the league

I don't know nor care about any of the other leagues but I'm always fascinated to find out that a billion dollar league can be run by guys with no athletic skills, integrity nor any measurable pre involvement in the game. I mean, there are so many legendary players why not hire one of them and bring back the game to it's roots?