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Penguins Sale: Lemieux and Burkle asking for $750 million

02 September 2015 - 10:27 PM


The owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins are asking $750 million (U.S.) for the team, but face long odds of finding a buyer who’s willing to pay that much because of the flagging North American economy and uncertainty over the future of the Canadian dollar, sports investment bankers say.

"We conduct periodic reviews of our business and, because we have received several inquiries about the franchise in recent years, we decided to engage Morgan Stanley for their insight and counsel," Lemieux and Burkle said in a joint statement at the time. "After buying the team out of bankruptcy, ensuring its long-term future in Pittsburgh and creating a strong foundation for continued success, we believe it is time to explore our options."

Further prove that Super Mario is a really smart guy, the Pens value is at an all-time high and their cup window is 2 years maybe 3 at best. Unless the Pens are getting another Superstar I don't see them being worth the same amount of money again.

Although I doubt someone will pay that much for a non original six franchise which has a fragile fan support. I am sure the new arena is worth a lot but even then the asking price is too high..If the Penguins are worth so much the Wings should be worth at least a 1 billion.

None the less an interesting story but man thinking about the Pens without Super Mario is strange this guy basically is their franchise. And since it all starts at the top I can't believe some Penguins fans would welcome such a change

Stan Bowman (CHI) on CBA troubles

17 July 2015 - 10:46 PM


This time, some departures seem to sting more than usual, coach Joel Quenneville and players said before the opening of the team's annual convention.
"You go back to 2010 we lost a significant part of our team," Quenneville said Friday night. "We were more fortunate in 2013, this year we've seen a few guys ... not just (Patrick Sharp) and (Brandon) Saad who were big parts of our team and played in all situations."
Sharp, a left wing who played 10 seasons in Chicago was traded to Dallas last week for defenceman Trevor Daley and forward Ryan Garbutt. Although the 33-year-old left wing and his $5.9 salary cap hit were expected to move, Blackhawks players said that didn't make Sharp's departure easier to take

Well welcome to the Detroit red wings land Blackhawks, this is a league known for punishing successful teams in order to force parity even if owners are willing to spend whatever it takes.

And this will also be the downfall of this league coupled with a few other questionable decisions.

Tarasenko re-signs with the Blues (60 mill/8 years)

07 July 2015 - 12:28 PM


Steal of a contract surprised Tarasenko didn't ask for more.

Jets re-sign Anthony Peluso for only 675.000 AAV (2 years)

18 June 2015 - 05:47 AM


One if not currently the best 4 liner in the game what a bargain. Big touch, workhorse and will drop the gloves against anybody. Winnipeg is already a big team but Peluso adds some much needed protection, Backes and Reeves weren't running around as much after Peluso wanted to talk to them.

Guess it's safe to say Winnipeg, Blues are now having the toughest 4 lines in the league...good luck trying to run the stars against them.

Love this signing

Are you going to watch the game ?

29 April 2015 - 12:37 PM

Personally I know it might be the last game this season, maybe the last game for Babcock too but I'm sof****** pissed I might not even watch it because of these bulls*** circumstances. Way to ruin what should have been a great day DOPS you sons of ******* may you burn in hell you ******* assholes.