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TSN Interview with Connor McDavid

Yesterday, 07:06 PM



A very well spoken, level headed down to earth guy. McKenzie - as always - did a great job asking respectful but also funny question.



- hates players who put themselves over the game

- feels extremely lucky and fortunate to be in this position

- owes his mum and dad everything

- is a bit superstitious 8/10

- thinks Jack Eichel is a great player

- believes Finland wasn't the best team on paper but they were the best team because they've played as an unit


Impressed with how mature and well spoken he is for a 17 old.



TSN new website a mess ?

25 September 2014 - 02:59 PM

I don't get it TSN has had such an informative and well organized site. Yeah, you want a more modern look but why not keep the great structure instead of throwing the whole concept over board and thencreate something where nobody knows, how to find stuff ?! i.e. Podcasts, Season Preview...


Also please stop that stupid "load more" button and add SITE numbers seriously how difficult is that ? Even I could code that.


Now the site looks "modern" but more like a mobile unorganized site...disappointed. If somebody knows where to find the podcasts etc. please link them :(

Flames adding Truculence...Yonkman, Gillies PTO

18 September 2014 - 02:03 AM



Burkie going all out on truculence, it gives them a chance to McDavid and will make sure that Monahan, Johnny Hockey and Baertschi can focus on hockey plus the Flames fans will see a very entertaining product. Not a bad idea at all.


This team is going to kick some serious ass Bollig, McGrattan, Yonkman, Gillies, Ferland, Wolf ... god I wish Torts would still coach in Vancouver just to see his face when Hardley sends his "top 6" out

Ottawa Senators are trying "European style" supporter sections

08 September 2014 - 02:10 PM




allow the fans that want to be rowdy and have a good time more of a European hockey atmosphere. This is common in Europe. It's been said that Djurgardens in Sweden have the best fans in the world and the reason is they're standing and cheering the whole game. That's not the North American style and I think if we tried to do that in our building we'd be disappointed with the results but we're going to start with one section this year for 10 games. Our supporters in the Red Scarf Union are helping us with that and if people are interested in being part of those games and having a good time and bringing that European hockey mentality to Ottawa we encourage them to get in touch with the Red Scarf Union. We've given them access to tickets at a great price so they can pass those on to people and really have a great time in those sections. We hope to start that this year and build on it each year and if we can get one section really rocking then maybe next year we can expand that to two or more sections.


I always felt like real noise, not that plasticlike "clap your hands on the jumbotron" has been missing in NHL arenas. If the best league in the world can get european style support sections I think the sport and atmosphere would benefit greatly from it.


Here are some example (Sweden and Switzerland are the top dogs in icehockey support):


Djurgardens (Stockholm Sweden)


Bern (Switzerland)


Also something we have going on in Europe is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKBGIvCvokw, basically it's against modern hockey and more support for local heroes/talents instead of selling out and adding too many foreigners to a team.


For those not knowing what the term "choreo" means: It's a shortcut for choreography it basically means supporters are preparing either a very big banner, picture or some small pyro-things before a game to show support and showcase themselves :-)


disclaimer: I'm not disrespecting the NHL style here I just think having SOME sections for that is a good idea.

Leiweke Leaving Toronto after 1 year

21 August 2014 - 12:04 PM



Must be the most difficult job in the NHL and yet their boards continues to hire all these brash, big mouth guys. Add to it the infight between Rogers and Bell and even as an experienced one people are in for hell. But the guy also didn't do himself any favors by trying to remove the pictures of former Leafs legends or book the cup parade. Still can't believe the BOG allowed Rogers/Bell to co-own this team.


That being said the star quoted an interview with his wife...I mean seriously he isn't even a player and they are going to interview his wife ? Something is clearly wrong with the Toronto media that place must be crazy.