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In Topic: Myers close to become a wing?

Today, 12:50 PM

poel, this whole rant is a joke right? You can't be serious... Those are some teerrrrible trades and that roster isf****** awful...


You want to trade away our best shut down defenseman for a draft pick, only to flip that pick along with our two top young wingers for a project defenseman.... Wow... I wouldn't even trade Ericsson for Myers straight up at this point... Unreal...


Ericsson is pretty much overrated. He might be solid, but he's not producing. Furthermore, he's not fast and not hard enough for a top pair defender. I know that Babs likes him, but he shouldn't really play so many important minutes with Kronwall. Myers is already better than him. His problem is that he's playing for the sabres. He'd bring in exactly what we need and he has the potential to be a franchise player like Kronwall is. If Holland would pick up the phone and offer Murray Ericsson for Myers, that call wouldn't even reach the one minute mark. I'm sure they have absolute no intention to acquire Ericsson, at least not in a trade including Tyler Myers.


In trades, you won't get anyone for free. That roster would maybe not make the playoffs, but it would the year after and the years to come. Brouwer would fit our needs and Myers and Kane are potential franchise players. We need to add some toughness, goal scoring and size anyway. Our team isnt't scoring goals and is getting bumped arround like nobody else...because nobody makes our opponents pay for dirty fouls or hard checks. Abdelkader and Kronwall are the only players remaining our opponents are not laughing at...

In Topic: Myers close to become a wing?

Yesterday, 11:16 PM


They have 8 D and 12 forwards. They aren't dealing any forwards, they have too many D, thats why they need to lose one and add a forward


You're missing the point...if they feel that there's a possibility that Green will resign, they won't be interested to trade him, they would want to trade Orlov or Erskine.

They can free up some more cap space by trading Brouwer. He's the most likely to be traded. He doesn't like the Coach and he doesn't like his role in the team. He's a problem. Yes, they have 12 Forwards, but five of them are RW's and they have no quality Centers apart from Backstrom. They're still sitting on their 5 RW's and Brouwer doesn't want to play Center or LW. He got forced to do it, but he didn't want to. He's pissed. This is why they are looking to trade him, and not Green, to get a 2nd Line Center.

Kenny may asked for Green, but that doesn't mean that they're shopping him.

In Topic: Myers close to become a wing?

Yesterday, 10:26 PM


They want Mantha, he won't come cheap and he isn't worth it. Green is only 28, so yes I think he can still play that way, you are talking like he's 35 and on a steady decline. Ya he's had injury problems, but he is heaalthy now, and will have a much better season. I like that it is only one year too, if he isn't good he is gone, if he is good, we extend him.


Would be nice if it's that easy...of course, he'd need to agree to the deal due to his NTC. But even if he agrees to a deal, that still allows him to test the market...there's no security. I doubt he'd stay and I doubt that he'd be able to stay healthy.

And Washington doesn't really need to deal him now...they can wait. They need a 2nd Line Center and we can't really help them with that unless they accept Weiss in return. I don't think they're interested in him...but if they're, I'd prefer to get Brouwer, not Green. I'd expect Ovechkin to play RW and therefore, Brouwer is an even bigger problem as he already is. He wouldn't really solve our defensive problems but as an additional winger he'd allow Babcock to separate Z and Pav and as a big righty and with his scoring ability he would also fit our needs.


Well, I think that Kenny is clever enough not to give up our former 1st Rounders, the 2015 1st Rounder, Jurco, Pulkkinen or Mrazek in any deal. But I'm not sure if Buffalo would refuse a package that includes a 2nd Round Pick, Tatar, Nyquist and another of our better offensive prospects...

In Topic: Myers close to become a wing?

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

So you'd trade one of our young high end forwards for a project dman, but not for one whose scored 70 points twice 56 points and 30 goals before ? Seems logical


Before injuries, yeah. Long ago...you're dreaming if you think that Green can still produce anything even close...

Green's still a risk and his contract sucks as there's only one year left. Don't you think that we have enough average in our roster? Don't you think we have enough players with injury problems in our roster? I just can't take more of those stupid "Kenny moves". It's enough. Let's do some real trades and bring in players who really help. Myers is a project, but he's already better than Green, especially defensively. Plus he'd add the size we desperately need. Kronwall / Myers would be like a wall. If he's available for a package without a 1st Rounder or Top Prospect, do the deal...he's worth it and fits our needs perfectly.

In Topic: Myers close to become a wing?

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

Why not? Better than fools like Del Zotto or Green...


Give Buffalo what they want. They have no interest in Franzen or Weiss. Kenny can find other solutions for those two. Buffalo wants established Wingers with potential or high end offensive prospects. Myers is worth it. He can play a lot better than he actually is. Hard to develop for a young defenseman in this environment...

Detroit is no longer a top address for FA's and we're far away from being a contender. Time to react, even if we suck for one or two seasons. Pav and Z won't play forever...



- Trade Ericsson away...i have no idea what we'd get for him, but I don't think a 2nd Rounder is too much.

- Use the 2nd Rounder and add Tatar, Nyquist and Ferraro to get Myers

- As we now need Wingers, get Troy Brouwer and send Weiss back to Washington. Troy isn't the greatest fan of Coach Oates plus they have too many RW's and need Centers

- Add some more talent and bring in Evander Kane by flipping over Smith, Franzen, Andersson, McCollum and a future 2nd Rounder

- If Alfredsson returns - fine. Otherwise, sign Stempniak as a depth forward.

- Give our youth a chance. Even if we suck...as wrote before, I don't care. We need to do something...




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