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In Topic: 16/17 offseason

Yesterday, 10:24 PM

You say you want Richards but not others because they're too old and worthless in the same post. If you want Richards back at any price you're ok with old and useless.

I want Richards if Holland doesn't manage to trade for a Centerman. And I'd want him because he played very well lately plus he knows the players and system already. Richards is an excellent teamguy and we need a strong 2nd/3rd Center to shoulder a little bit for Z. If Z has to do all the work in the defensive zone he's not gonna play a good season.

In Topic: 16/17 offseason

Yesterday, 02:20 PM

I agree, 41% for the top two centers would be atrocious, but you can be guaranteed that both will improve on those numbers next season. I think both would reach 45-50% easily, and although that would still be below average - average, that certainly would not necessitate a full on rebuild... We are in the midst of a "rebuild", the only difference is we're not trying to tank. In the situation we're currently in, transitioning from the Datsyuk, Zetterberg era to the Larkin, Athanasiou, Mantha era, putting our future top center in the the middle is the best for the team going forward.

Ideally we'd land a number one center via trade or free agency, and Larkin would be our number two, Athanasiou / Sheahan would be number three and Glendening would be four... However if Holland isn't able to land a true a number one center, I'd rather go with the kids than re-sign Richards or sign a Staal... These guys are barely top 6 centers and definitely aren't number one's anymore.

Anyway, difference of opinion, I'm not saying you're wrong, hell you may be more "right" than me, since what you're advocating is probably what Holland ends up doing, but I just don't agree with it. Enough with the stop-gaps, we should be going with the kids...



The only point that I agree with you is that I don't want any of the UFA Center's except Stamkos or Richards shortterm and for less money. They're all either useless or too old. I also don't think that Holland will be able to trade for a good 2nd line Center. But we'll see...


edit: I'd really like Brouwer though. Big, tough and versatile as he can play center. If he doesn't necessarily seek longterm, I'd like Holland to explore that.

In Topic: 16/17 offseason

Yesterday, 02:25 AM

So they can't get better at faceoffs? Glendening went from putrid to good in one offseason, I'm sure AA and Larkin can be at least adequate with a little work.

Glendening won 48,5% in his rookie season. Larkin and Athanasiou won 41% each. Which is nowhere near enough if you wanna play them both in the middle. And even if they actually win some faceoffs they still have very little experience especially against the puck. It would automatically lead to a rebuild.

In Topic: 16/17 offseason

25 May 2016 - 09:23 PM

There are reasons why Nyquist and Tatar don't get more Icetime. If they'd be anywhere close from being reliable, Blashill or even Babcock would have used them more. They're not trusted. As simple as that. 

Me too I don't like the idea of switching Abdelkader to Center. But having Larkin and Athanasiou in Center spots would mean almost no faceoff wins, lots of tough matchups for Z and just instability in the middle. You can protect one Centerman, but not two at once. Having them both at center would mean to go into rebuild mode. Something Holland won't do. He wants to keep the streak alive. So if he fails to land a center either we need to bring back Richards or switch somebody to center. 

In Topic: 16/17 offseason

25 May 2016 - 04:57 PM

Abdelkader arguably isn't even a decent top 6 wing, there's no way he could handle center outside of a checking role. The only reason he's even adequate as a scoring line winger is his willingness to hit and go to the dirty areas.

He's capable of a lot more than you think. Just look how lost Philly was without Couturier. They are a completely different team without him. Is he a skilled guy? No. But he's got good speed and is very strong defensively. The guy plays abour 20mins per game and plays the takes the tougher matchups for Giroux. A solid 2nd Centerman would be very positive for Z. If he has to shoulder a lot of defensive work, it's gonna be a difficult season for him. Abdelkader is tougher and faster than Couturier and is more of a goalscorer, too. I'd still prefer Holland to land a Centerman but I'm also convinced it would work if Abdelkader was moved to center.