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In Topic: 2015 Draft

28 June 2015 - 01:47 PM

Other than Andersson, I wasn't impressed at all when watching Van Pottelberghe during international games. I even think that for some games, other goalies would have been better options. Personally, I think that he's overrated because he moved to Sweden early. Has unique skills but gave up far too many goals when I saw him. You'll never know how young goaltenders will develop and his skillset certainly justifies an NHL-draftpick but I don't like that idea that we've just given up a 4th rounder for him. To me, he's too much of a wildcard as of now as he didn't show too much performancewise. But he must have shown Andersson something more in Sweden...otherwise I don't think Kenny would have invested a 4th rounder.

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19 August 2014 - 06:02 PM



Brunner nominated Pavel :lol:

In Topic: preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

14 July 2014 - 07:18 PM


Don't let them get you, I'm for one very happy to have you here and get some nice info about the Preds.


The first one was just insane almost an 360 degree circle and then pulling it off like this some serious skill here. Do you think Fiala is ready to make the team ? Nashville for what I know is hurting on the offensive side and I guess LaViolette will play his run and gun style no matter what ?


Lol, I'm acutally Swiss and even I think that this is not a big deal...for sure not worth to post it here...

Fiala is not NHL-ready. Needs at least one more year in Sweden. Pretty sure he'll return. But the Preds also forced Forsberg to early, so you never know...

Just moved up in the rankings...probably drafted a bit too early due to his recent success...

In Topic: preds prospects Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala shootout moves

14 July 2014 - 06:23 PM

So what? I don't care...wrong board.

Trying to compare sizes with Jurco's moves? Shootout skills won't turn your franchise into a contender, I'm afraid :lol:

In Topic: Mike Green to Wings?

12 July 2014 - 09:35 PM

They have a combined four years on the job. Stevie's team went to the conference final in that span and Tampa Bay might be the favorite in the East heading into next season. Nill got Dallas into the playoffs in the West and has done a great job adding two huge pieces through trades already.

Holland just continues to make lateral moves since those two have left and the Red Wings have no direction under his leadership. Too bad Holland didn't stick to his word and retire when Nick did, so Nill would have gotten the GM job in Detroit before leaving.



As much as I like Holland because what he's done for the Franchise...i have to agree at this point. He made a lot of mistakes over the last years. He's not willing to take risks. Pav and Z will not play forever. He absolutely missed the opportunity to give the youth a chance and add the missing pieces to form a team that can make a push for the cup...

Franchise players are not cheap and they're hard to get. Big trades are always a risk. To trust young players by giving them fixed roster spots is also a risk. But just by resigning and overpaying your useless veterans, you probably won't be able to win anything...