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What's Your Favorite Bourbon?

18 April 2014 - 08:56 PM

So far I've tried:


Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark 46

Evan Williams Single Barrel

Jim Beam Black

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star

Four Roses Small Batch


So yeah, nothing real fancy.


So far I think I like the Evan Williams best. 


I did really like Maker's Mark 46, it's just a little out of my price range for a sipping whiskey. And I'm gonna try Elijah Craig 12 year because evidently it's a great bourbon for the price.


So maybe I like a wheated bourbon? I'd love to try Old Fitzgerald but I haven't found it in my area (Chapel Hill, NC).


I'm currently drinking Four Roses Small Batch but it's not as sweet as I'd like. I'm currently on my 9th finger of Four Roses so this post isn't as coherent as I'd like.


What do you recommend?