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  3. Jonas Mahonas

    New Lettering

    I like the straight style they are using this year.
  4. Jonas Mahonas

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    The ZIT line. The joke sucked is all. Sorry.
  5. Wheelchairsuperhero


    This is actually my favorite takeaway from this game. Have really liked his game through camp/preseason.
  6. The 91 of Ryans


    UNTIL HE SCORES IN OT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Fun fact: Olli and Jussi Jokinen have played for 19 NHL teams combined. Talk about "journeymen".
  8. Neomaxizoomdweebie

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    I know I did.
  9. Neomaxizoomdweebie


    Think ur gonna fall a little short. Much impoved. Getting Cholowski, Hronek, and getting rid of Datsyuk's cap hit in exchange for that Chychyrn pick is looking pretty good. Rasmussen is going to have to learn to stay on his feet if he wants to have an impact at the NHL level. He is way too easy to knock down, and spends way too much time off his skates.
  10. The 91 of Ryans


    I thought Cholowski looked great.
  11. krsmith17


    All 4 looked great on that power-play. Good puck movement. Nice patience and shot off the iron by Cholowski, nice pass by Larkin, and the finish by Big Ras. The kids are alright.
  12. The 91 of Ryans


    Cholowski Mantha Larkin Rasmussen That's your OT PP with the winner and I like it!
  13. Jersey Wing


    Michael Rasmussen has scored in OVERTIME for the Red Wings and they have defeated the Pittsburgh Flightless Birds 3-2. Stats page:
  14. Jonas Mahonas


    We got Dougie Hamilton?
  15. Hockeymom1960


    Yeeeeesh that horn still sounds bad.
  16. Hockeymom1960


    I absolutely hate the fact that Hockeytown is not at center ice any more. I know if Mr. I were still alive that wouldn't have happened.
  17. Jersey Wing


    We've got ourselves a hi-light from the Red Wings Twitter feed:
  18. Hockeymom1960

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    Your quote about Nyquist is what made me laugh
  19. Jersey Wing


    That period was brought to you by Sheehan's Rustproofing...
  20. GMRwings1983


    Witkowski's beard is reason alone to make him captain. The man looks like a leader.
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