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  1. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    This plus Mrazek let in a 4th that was luckily offsides and they got a lucky goal. I'm not counting on that 3rd round pick.
  2. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    We'll we're close in that we probably only need a few elite players. How we get those is a whole other question. If we had 2008 Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg we'd be contenders. I think. Maybe. Sorry to be the devil's advocate, but this doesn't explain why he s*** the bed when he was gettings all the starts last season which is why he wasn't getting starts this year.
  3. 11/09 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames : 9:00 PM ET

    Here I am going to pick on Mrazek. He seems to let in way more "well he just couldn't see it" goals than Howard. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Maybe he's just not reading the play well enough - he seems to get so small in net when he's looking around when the puck is behind players.
  4. 11/09 GDT : Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames : 9:00 PM ET

    I'm usually pretty tough on Mrazek (as tough as one can be from a keyboard) but I think that was just a flukey, unfortunate goal. He's looked pretty good this game and last, we'll see how the rest of this game goes.
  5. 10/31 GDT - Coyotes @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Starting get get concerned that the LCA is still this empty. I honestly don't get it.
  6. 10/20 GDT - Red Wings vs Capitals - 7:30 PM EST

    Friday's game was typical Mrazek. He'll make some big saves, usually they end look looking bigger than they are because he's always so out of position, but night after night he'll over commit or get himself out of position and give up an easy goal. It may not happen literally every time he plays, but it always happens. Not saying or defense was stellar, but Mrazek isn't making saves when our defense breaks down, which a good goalie needs to do in this league. I'll give Mzarek credit the second he puts together a solid season where he doesn't give up 3/4 goals every game. I'm not for or against Mrazek or Howard - I just want the better goalie to play.
  7. 10/20 GDT - Red Wings vs Capitals - 7:30 PM EST

    3 goals not enough to win with Mrazek in net, per usual.
  8. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Mrazek only deserves to play on the end of back to back games. Such a huge mistake to play him tonight. It's also embarrassing how we can't control the puck at all when under the slightest amount of pressure.
  9. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Mrazek's saves only look brilliant because he gets himself so far out of position he has to constantly make flailing desperation saves that look fancy but really just highlight the enormous flaw in his game. Watching Howard and Mrazek is like night and day - Howard is calm and collected and is always where he needs to be while Mrazek is constantly flailing around and it burned him again on this past goal.
  10. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Mrazek is hopeless.
  11. Rate our current forward group

    Who would you suggest they replace? AA would be nice but I'm not sure Svech or Bertuzzi should replace any of our top 9 at this point.
  12. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    I wanted to comment on the Frk/Abdelkader switch but it appears people already have but I still want to complain so: why is Blashill stupid?
  13. Rate our current forward group

    Just as a discussion: I'm not sure if it's just myself, but with all the talk about doom and gloom for this team, when I actually look at our forward group I'm a little impressed and I think it might be one of the better groups overall. Obviously we don't have a lot of major star power anymore - we don't have a Crosby, Stamkos, etc or the young stars like the Leafs do but I'd put our forward group up against a lot of teams. Zetterberg, at least as of last season has shown he can still produce, especially if Nyquist and Tatar have better years and I love our second line right now. We also have a ton of depth on the 3rd line. While I've always thought Helm and Abdelkader were way overused when in the top 6 they fit great on the third line and I feel like it has to be one of the better third lines in the league. And then our fourth line are some good grinders/defensive players that we can count on to do 4th liney things. It's too bad we have such a poor defense right now. Green has gotten to be one of my favorite players on the team but I don't think he's a #1 by any means, and then rest of our defense are 3/4 and 5/6 type guys. Again this is mostly for discussion and obviously things on paper always look better than they are, but is our forward group a little underrated?
  14. Ken Holland - First to Worst?

    ^ Who do you expect Ras to replace? They're not going to move Helm, Abds or Neilson for him and he's not going to take a spot in any of our top 6. So unless you think it would be good for him to grind on the 4th line, he's not going to be in the NHL right now. If we get injuries that is one thing but he's not on our team right now because there isn't a spot. Do you think we can just have unlimited players on the team? Man there are some legitimate gripes about Holland but people just find anything the can to whine about while completely ignoring the bigger picture.
  15. Ken Holland "We protected our best goaltender"

    I think that's more indicative of this team's overly devoted system to have a low skill/big body for net front presence on every single power play unit. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but if you have way better players to put on the PP play them.