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  1. We will drown our sorrows together with the help of the Nashville Hilton and raspberry lemon drop martinis.
  2. Excuse me while I cry. This already sucks and it's only a few minutes old!!!!
  3. I know the Love For Lokomotiv Twitter said yesterday for everyone to keep the wives and families in your thoughts as they traveled to Russia for a memorial ceremony. I have 2 bracelets that I will be wearing tomorrow.
  4. LGW

    Ray Whitney to Dallas?! Wow!!!!
  5. I decided yesterday to hire a cleaning lady.
  6. No promises. I called dibs on Joey after that signing! I'll leave Ozzy alone. And I guess I can give you Lilja.....maybe......
  7. Waiting For the Night Boat- Duran Duran
  8. Watching the replay of the USA/Canada game. Jimmy's in net!
  9. You can tell I'd been crying in that picture! LOL!!!! What a trip.... I'm quoting this picture just because I can. Oh Joey...... I'm ready for next season to start so I can come back. You know you're stuck with a yearly event, right Dawn?
  10. I'm posting since I came in here and looked. Haven't been in the WC for a while. Had to see what I've missed. I could've lived without seeing that picture of the leather woman though. Thanks alot.
  11. Flannel. I think wearing a guy's flannel pj pants is sexy. House slippers or socks?
  12. Does Lasik and having a mole removed count? TPBM has had an ingrown toenail.
  13. Walk This Way- Aerosmith
  14. It was hard watching that in person. I had a feeling this was going to be the outcome, and unfortunately I was right. So now I'm drunk in my hotel room, wondering what the off-season will bring.