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  1. Damn ... just 4 pages for a game with Pittsburgh ... reflection of the interest in this team. This team is very depressing to follow and watch.
  2. Sorry, I must have fallen asleep ... what happened to Thomas McCollum? Is he still in our system?
  3. This team is so so s***ty!
  4. I feel absolutely no excitement ... nothing. That's a bad sign. No passion for this year's team at all.
  5. We are sitting lower than the Leafs in the standings ... this is bad folks, real bad!
  6. This team is so sh*tty that it is embarrassing, worst in the past 15 years. Like put away all my Red Wings jerseys and shirts embarrassing. About 20 games in and scraping the bottom of the barrel. And of all the years to be sh*tty ... there is no big prize in next year's draft.
  7. I live in Vancouver, let's just say that thank God they are on a 8 game losing streak to hide/distract the attention away from the Wings misery.
  8. They were just teasing us in the preseason, racking up something like 7-2 record.
  9. This is a sh*tty team from top to bottom. We are old, our middle range players are inconsistent. Our young players are not enough. We will be a bottom feeder this season, I'm not exaggerating. I've been around long enough to see the signs. Feel free to call this post up in game 82 and prove me wrong. We will be in the lottery for the first pick overall.
  10. Damn and damn ....
  11. What happened? I saw in the boxscore that it was Det 1-0 with Tatar scoring ... now it's 1-0 for FLA???
  12. Didn't watch the game but just looked at boxscore. Safe to assume our D was sh*t? That and undisciplined ... way too many penalty?
  13. Damn .... damn ... sloppy game. Before, I was like, OK ... we're not going to win against TB. But after we went up 2-0, then 3-1, I thought we should be able to pull this off. Then the old Wings came back. Yah, it's just the first game, blah blah blah.
  14. Yah, is that the reason? I'll try disabling it for this site and see what kind of beautiful ads might come my way ... :>. So I disabled it and there is still a lot of white space on the right, but now I see some ads on the top.
  15. RedWingsRox