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  1. Yes, Ott WILL fight, too bad he CAN'T fight. But at least he will. It's better than the old "we'll make them pay with our PP" mentality. But I will certainly take Ott over Glendening in the playoffs. Better player and he hits harder. And a better agitator.
  2. This is true. 1st round pick for Patrick Eaves. Squeak into playoffs. First round exit. It has all been foretold...
  3. Quote from Steve Yzerman: "Both Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch, as well as their entire family, have had an immeasurable impact on not only my career, but my life," Yzerman said in a statement. "Going back to the age of 18 when I arrived in Detroit, the guidance, generosity, concern and love Mr, Ilitch had always shown me and my family are things I will forever be grateful for. “I was extremely fortunate to have played my entire career for a man who's love of hockey and burning desire to win were the catalysts which drove the Detroit Red Wings to four Stanley Cup Championships after purchasing the team in 1982. “Mr. Ilitch has left an incredible legacy in baseball, hockey and Metropolitan Detroit. He will forever be remembered for all the ways he enriched our lives. Mike Ilitch will live on vividly in my mind and heart forever.”
  4. Always hated the guy, but respect him as a coach and I would more than welcome him here. But A) Not sure he would want the job, and B) Holland.
  5. Where is the 3rd option of having my arms and legs amputated?
  6. Atta boy, Smitty! Should've bit his ear!
  7. Don't worry, the Red Wings wouldn't score a goal without you.
  8. Jensen takes out two goalies. That's how you make a memorable debut...
  9. We have better results when we fight. More fights please!
  10. Mantha has a little snarl. He'll never be as gritty as Shanny or the fighter he was, and certainly not the goal-scorer he was, but I've seen glimpses of an edge in his game. He's a big boy; add a little more muscle to his frame and wait and see. I can see him developing into a player along the lines of Backes. But I'm more interested his goal-scoring. Score 25-30 and I'll be happy. As for Frk not being an NHL player, I'm not so sure. I watched a few Carolina games after he got picked up, and he wasn't so bad. He got schooled on one play against Detroit, I think, and that got him re-waived. I think Carolina gave up on him too soon. I'm kinda glad we grabbed him. See how he develops this year in GR after a taste and some tough lessons in the NHL. He may be a keeper.
  11. We're only a 1/4-way decent team.
  12. At this point, I think most Wings fans would side with him. But I really hope we see Lil' Bert next game. It'll be a small step on Blashill's part, but it's a step.
  13. And he did, with a lot of hugging... Ott was never a tough guy. He routinely got his ass kicked by guys who could actually fight. He was an antagonist and, in his prime, a good checker. Not sure what he brings to Detroit at this stage of his career.
  14. Let's not forget Mike Babcock fanboy... Mike Commodore! Though nothing was really expected of him, so it's hard to call him a bust.
  15. Signed

    This is true. Fighting is a bonus, but the hockey fight is a dying art form soon to be extinct, unfortunately. Now you need guys who can pound and be disruptive, but who have some semblance of hockey skill, which Probert, Kocur and McCarty all did have. The playoffs are a battle of attrition, so having guys like Drake, like Maltby, like Abdelkader can only help. Lucic without a doubt would have helped. I think Tyler Bertuzzi, while not as physical or as skilled as his uncle (Vancouver days), could also be that guy for us. Givani Smith down the road. Matt Martin on the 4th line would have been fun to watch; the guys hits anything moves. As I said, Ott does very little for me and is not really an effective player anymore. Dallas Steve Ott, while an absolute a-hole, might have fit the bill better. All in all, none of yesterday's signings made us particularly harder to play against. But what's done is done. Though, if you want the headache, there is this guy... But I think I know where most fans stand on that. Me? f*** it, I'd take him, but only if he promised to be a good boy.