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  1. there is not a chance that holland would be able to get all three. it's going to be one of the three. most likely nielson if they can't get stamkos since they really need another center qualifying offers are a set amount based on last years salary. You can't negotiate a qualifying offer
  2. justin schultz wasn't qualified by the pens and is a UFA. could be a low risk/ high reward signing
  3. just getting rid of that albatross contract is something. I don't think a team would take a bag of pucks for him right now
  4. radulov's agent claims he is still a free agent and hasn't signed in the KHL yet it would make zero sense to sign before July 1st
  5. you cannot offer 8 years even if you traded for his rights only the team he played for during the season is allowed to sign for 8 years. And after July 1st, even tampa won't be able to sign to 8 years
  6. the first of many disappointments this offseason
  7. nobody is taking ericsson unless you are overpaying to get rid of him. that is one of the worst contracts in the league
  8. if bishop is truly looking for a 7 year, 7 mil contract, howard looks a lot more attractive for calgary. a lot less risk and should be had for cheap
  9. yeah it's the latest hockey news issue in which they did a top 10 gm fantasy draft. holland was 2nd and his disciples nill and yzerman were 3rd and 4th respecitvely if stamkos wants to sign here and holland still refuses to trade the contract, then yes he needs to go
  10. whoever ends up with datsyuk contract will terminate it, making him free to sign with anyone next offseason
  11. trading for a player's rights is a waste of assets imo. florida will have given up two draft picks if they do sign yandle. when they could have just waited a week and gave up nothing
  12. why? if anything he might want to wait until the interview period so he can see if stamkos is even interested in coming to detroit
  13. because at the time of signing the contract, datsyuk was still an elite player. according to holland, datsyuk did not want to do one year deals. which as datsyuk said in the mitch album article says was a mistake and that he should have taken the one year deals holland has made a lot of mistakes the last few years, but the datsyuk situation is not one of them