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  1. Boston gonna win in 4 sens are trash
  2. Of course, only time we beat tampa is when it hurts us
  3. Good effort from the griffins
  4. Florida panthers broadcaster sure is happy about beating a shorthanded wings team
  5. We like our team
  6. We got dominated and lost...... again
  7. The fact that Montreal needed OT to beat this depleted team is funny
  8. Dirty player Didn't realize Michigan had to play the refs twice today
  9. 2013, i don't want to even say the name of the team
  10. *sigh* sometimes i wonder if this team has been the same since they blew that 3-1 series lead
  11. That's so Detroit
  12. Life sucks
  13. Another "hard fought loss" coming up "We still like our team"
  14. Guess everyone was playing pokemon sun and moon, would've been more productive than watching this garbage
  15. We like our team