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  1. takes a min to get around the ads.. but.. :D
  2. Almost game time! GL tonight, you guys got a pretty easy win with our rebuild in place and our 7 straight games losing streak.
  3. Only bleeds RED

    Merry Christmas Red Wing fans!

  4. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    Maybe sold out ticket wise but door count different? Not sure as they say sold out over the PA several times during the games..Maybe crowd hype, no idea
  5. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    I'm no longer a STH, but the 5 home games I been to this year including home opener were sold out. Draw does indeed go down if the Mavs hit a win drought, but they do sell out games when the wheels are rolling.
  6. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    It's growing again. We have a ECHL team owned by same family that owns the Chiefs. They sell out a 6k seat arena plus few hundred standing room only. Sure it's not NHL level, but hockey is far from dead in KC. Beer leagues fill full rosters at 3 different rinks here too. Talks of a USHL team here too by 2020.
  7. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    Yeah he's improved on his fighting skill a lot over the years. One of the top ECHL fighters now right up their with Trevor Gillies and Garret Hunt. He's the fan favorite with the last four teams he's played on. Orlando has him so hyped to being favorite and he hasn't even played at home yet as since returning from IR, they been on the road.
  8. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    Not that I care more about him, though he is a friend. Since he was a Redwing, just thought I'd share. Personally, last two years or so I've come to enjoy the minors more. NHL is becoming more whistles then shots at the nets, much higher percent of fights stopped etc. Also since moving here to Kansas City, there is no NHL team close as the Blues are a four hour drive and not worth the gas money as where an ECHL team, Kansas City Mavericks play less then3 miles away from my house, so yeah I've sparked a lot more interest in following the minors since moving here. The games are a lot of fun as to where it feels like 80'-90's hockey again.
  9. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    Update on game 900. Booter was out on IR after a surgery this summer returning back Dec 1st. He went 4 games with no fights, no one would fight him LOL. Well tonight game #900 he got to drop the gloves twice! Both resulting in 5 min majors. Darryl ended game 900 with 2 assists and 14 PIM.
  10. Only bleeds RED

    Bootland - Game #900

    When former Redwing, Darryl Bootland takes to the ice tonight. He will have appeared in his 900th game as a professional hockey player. This is an accomplishment very few players have achieved! Bootland currently plays for the Orlando Solar Bears in the ECHL, facing the Cincinnati Cyclones tonight. Darryl bounced back and forth between the Redwings and Grand Rapid Griffins from 2003 -2007 before being traded to the Islanders in 2007. Last season Bootland wore an A with the Colorado Eagles and won the Kelly Cup. Bootland came in with a real bang racking up 16 PIM in his first game in the NHL, with the Redwings including 2 fights, both for 5 minute majors. The following two years in Grand Rapid he racked up 726 PIM between the two seasons while still scoring 41 goals.
  11. Only bleeds RED

    Olympic Hockey just got more interesting - Russia Banned

    I wonder which country will offer best incentives now to become a citizen to play on their Olympic team.