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  1. I love Petr but he's getting destroyed today.
  2. Look at the shot totals. He didn't blow anything, clown.
  3. The Penguins don't play in Washington.
  4. And then you realize, the schedule only gets worse from here on out
  5. IMO, in order of importance to the cup wins 1. Bowman 2. Jimmy D 3. Hakan Anderson 4. Mike Ilitch 5. Steve Yzerman 6. Holland
  6. Yay at the Wings for not trading their most valuable trade asset while he was at his peak value 3 months ago.
  7. So you want the worst player on the roster to play even though fighting has historically had ZERO correlation with winning. Huh.
  8. Mantha should never be fighting.
  9. I'm a troll for pointing out that in Februray a bottom 7 team in the NHL is actually not very good, and unless they were injured/get a lot of good players back they are very unlikely to be playoff-bound? Are you people utterly delusional or something?
  10. Julien is an elite coach, IMO. Bruins made a huge mistake. 1st CF% 1st xGF% 5th SCF% 30th Sh% 30th PDO The puck luck will be in the Bruins' favor soon, and the new coach will be credited with that success. No, they don't. They're not better than a healthy Tampa team, Philly, Toronto, Boston, Healthy florida. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this team sucks.
  11. Islanders are a trash team. No doubt in my mind they'll be competing with us at the end of the year for a higher lottery position. Gotta lose this one
  12. When was the last time a team that finished bottom 3 in the entire league became contenders within 3 years? The mid-00s Blackhawks? We're not getting a Patrick Kane level of player in the draft, btw DRW this season has had a fairly easy schedule and they're still doing so terribly. There's no doubt in my mind, after the grueling February stretch that they will only trail Arizona and Colorado in the reverse standings