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  1. Jesus Christ the salt at the best team and franchise in the NHL is real.
  2. The Little Caeser's arena isn't going to attract a single UFA that otherwise wouldn't be here.
  3. Jesus christ, those were the days when the Wings were like 4 seasons removed from winning the cup and it was considered unacceptable.
  4. It seemed like they weren't really a top tier team for about 18 months. But now they are and it's time to sweat again.
  5. Since winning the cup in 2015, they lost a lot of depth that offseason due to the Toews/Kane cap hits, and had been very overrated for the past year and a half. But they've made some nice moves here and there and have adapted to become less scoring oriented, but a more defensive, shut down-type of team. The favorites to win the Western Conference, no doubt. And also, by far, the toughest out in the playoffs. The sweat is officially back on. They're on the hunt for #4.
  6. Any team losing to the Red Wings.
  7. DRW fans live in the past. The Leafs are a good team. They closed as -185 favorites.
  8. We're both at least bad. Deserve it for being so anti-analytics.
  9. Still be out of the playoff chase.
  10. Finally, jesus. Put this team out of its misery.
  11. Do DRW fans know that this is a bad team?
  12. Impressive showing by Z the past couple of weeks IMO