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  1. Just like last year, everyone hops on the Sharks/Predators bandwagon because they hope they will win, but in the end they're simply not the better team compared to Pittsburgh (even an injured one). The Penguins are ~60% favorites per Vegas.
  2. You know what the sickest thing about the Penguins repeating is? They're essentially the 2009 Red Wings. With all the injuries, they keep winning, they keep being great at puck movement, they still have good goaltending and they've got the best coach in the NHL. The 2009 Red Wings didn't repeat. But this Penguins team is probably going to do it.
  3. Lol @ cup experience mattering. This is 2017. You might as well say the Red Wings have a better shot than the Preds because they have Zetterberg, Abby, Helm, Kronwall, returning Franzen. Jesus.
  4. Even if Nashville wins the series, I'm not sure they'll have enough to Pittsburgh next round. Pittsburgh can survive the injuries, Nashville really can't
  5. Penguins are going to be the favorites for the cup again with Nashville losing Fisher and Johansen.
  6. I feel like the Sullivan/Crosby Penguins are basically the Belichick/Brady of the NHL. The Penguins should win the cup this year and they might just be a dynasty in the making. Ovechkin and the Capital=Mannning's Colts.
  7. 2009 feels just like yesterday. But today doesn't feel like 2009.
  8. Pittsburgh was very lucky to win 3 games this series. Washington should've won in 5 games. And then destroy the rest of the competition. They're on a whole nother level. Also LOL at the holtby haters. .932 career playoff save %. He was gonna turn his luck around against Pittsburgh at some point.
  9. They're just unbeatable. It's ridiculous. I really hope Crosby is out for the playoffs and Pittsburgh still wins the cup. It's like Belichick winning the super bowl without Brady.
  10. Washington is going to win 4 straight. They're going to annihilate Sens/Rangers. And then beat Nashville in 5/6.
  11. Capitals are the better team. I still think they're taking this down in 7.
  12. Jesus Christ the salt at the best team and franchise in the NHL is real.
  13. The Little Caeser's arena isn't going to attract a single UFA that otherwise wouldn't be here.
  14. Jesus christ, those were the days when the Wings were like 4 seasons removed from winning the cup and it was considered unacceptable.
  15. It seemed like they weren't really a top tier team for about 18 months. But now they are and it's time to sweat again.