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  1. I don't know about anyone else but Tomas Holmstrom's in 2017 aren't valuable I loved Homer and he was great during a time when the league wasn't built on speed, but if prime Homer were playing today he wouldn't be anymore than a 4th liner, rather than being Datsyuk's linemate
  2. All of this because they're paying Jonathan Toews 10 million a year for average 2nd line center productions. Amazing.
  3. LMFAO this is too good to be true.
  4. The. Hawks. Will. Not. Win. Another. Cup. In. This. Era. I still can't believe they're paying Toews 10 million dollars for 50 point seasons. Ahahahahahaha
  5. LOL the cluelessness. Hossa is absolutely HOF material.
  6. The Blackhawks aren't winning another title in this era anyway.
  7. I truly think that Sidney Crosby is the greatest talent of all time because of evolution of sports and humans. He may not have dominated the league the way that Gretzky and Mario did, but I think he's better than both on a pure talent level. So, he likely won't be considered the GOAT when it's all said and done, but top 3. He's LeBron James of the NHL.
  8. PLEASE Preds, need you guys to take it to 6 games so I can cash in on some money.
  9. Pittsburgh just has better goaltending, coaching, offensive depth, special teams, basically everything except for D-men.
  10. Fleury and Murray should share the Conn Smythe
  11. Toews over Malkin is still the funniest thing I've ever stumbled upon. Oh NHL
  12. Don't know about 4 straight but they're the favorites to win the cup next year by far. They're getting all of their players back and healthy. Washington might blow it up, and I don't feel like Columbus would be good enough to challenge them yet.
  13. Pittsburgh 3 peat next year.
  14. I would go with Saros in game 3. Not joking. I've watched so many Preds games and I legit think he's better than Rinne.
  15. Guentzel MVP. Penguins in 6. I called this s***. But Murray is still really good (even though Fluery is better)